My Philosophy of Fandom

I missed this post when Agzy linked it one year ago. Check out the comments.

Linnet Moss

Yes, I actually worked out a philosophy, based on Plato’s Theory of Ideas and Aristotle’s Ethics. Then there’s my Jungian animus theory. But these are probably best saved for the Journal of Irreproducible Results.

I date the onset of my fandom to a particular evening in January 2012. In Hindsight (heh, heh) I call it the Thunderbolt. At the time, it felt euphoric. I suppose it’s like that first hit of crack. (Or in my case, the first time I tasted rapini.) One minute I was innocently watching a costume drama ordered from Netflix. The next, I was a hopeless addict.

Oh, it took a week or two for me to realize what was happening. I’m not in the habit of scouring the web for pictures and interviews of movie stars, or anyone else. I had never been a “fan” of anything in my life. So it…

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