Linnet’s Third Fanniversary

Linnet’s observations on her fandom for Ciarán Hinds is so relevant to me, and probably to you. And be sure to check out her link Somehow I missed this post when Agzy linked it. You’ll see many of our compadres in the comments.

Linnet Moss

A fanniversary… sounds a bit rude, if you happen to hail from the Atlantic Isles. Here in the land of the “fanny pack” it doesn’t have the same humorous effect. But how did “fanny” come to refer to lady bits? Is there something Jane Austen wasn’t telling us about prim Fanny Price?

Ivanhoe1 Ciarán Hinds as the Templar Bois-Guilbert, in “Ivanhoe.” Screencap by Linnet.

At any rate, I am celebrating because it was three years ago that I watched the A&E/BBC miniseries of Ivanhoe (1997). I documented the ensuing symptoms  in My Philosophy of Fandom, one of the most popular posts on this blog. My condition, I learned, is not a solitary one, but shared by people all over the globe. It has been dubbed “Ciaránitis” by certain esteemed experts on the topic. The onset involves hormonal disruption, excess libido, and manic episodes. These symptoms eventually resolve themselves into eyestrain, meteoroporia (compulsive air…

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