Hamlet: to collaborate or not to collaborate?

David Hewson describes his collaboration with A.J. Hartley, including what seems like a natural division of “labor,” the benefits of the time difference and problem solving.

3 thoughts on “Hamlet: to collaborate or not to collaborate?

  1. What a fantastic series of blog posts these have been from David Hewson- informative and fun to read, and always open to sharing his thoughts.
    Perry, this one brought to mind you and I working on that interview post we did months ago- we certainly live on different continents and in different time zones, and there were definitely stacks of emails flying back and forth as we tried to pull it all together!


  2. So true – we have those two windows In the “morning/night – like right now), and then at night/morning. It didn’t hurt that we both had odd hours.
    This particular post of DH’s tickles me. I liked how there seemed to be a natural order to things because of experience or particular skill, and how, the less expert ( when it comes Shakespeare) Hewson, with, perhaps a fresher eye on the subject, was able to problem solve. Fun to learn that expert/author Hartley was not a follower of the Gertrude/Hamlet Oedipal or incestuous theme. I would like to have an opportunity to read more essays, chapters, from A.J. Hartley on Shakespeare. I should have been less lazy when I had the MidManhattan Branch of the NYPL at my disposal.


    • The two authors would be great to have at a writers’ festival, doing a joint panel, expanding on the thoughts Hewson has expressed here. About time they met up again anyway, as he mentions!


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