Wolverine:TLN To Be Free in August

Maybe you knew this. I didn’t. wolverine-the-long-night According to this review and article, here ( good review) – Wolverine:The Long Night will be released on all platforms, free, in August. Patience may let you listen during the one month free trial, and then wait for August, when it will be released for free – and then maybe, binge listening might be available. Otherwise, to hear more than a handful of words from Richard Armitage, free listening will run into October.

Thanks to @Kiwi_all_blacks (Claudia Ludwig) for the link

6 thoughts on “Wolverine:TLN To Be Free in August

  1. Did you end up listening to the whole podcast? Wolverine is not my cup of tea and even though Richard is Logan my brain is thinking: M, ya haven’t listened to any of his classic Shakespeare except Romeo and Juliet or even The Lost Daughters which you like detective stuff now how and why would you listen to this? Me answering my brain back: Yep I know I know. Some of the commenters liked Wolverine. I’m a people pleaser and go with the flow. My brain retorting: ja ja, but he did Wanderlust too and some of the commenters had a field day on that one!


    • Wolverine – I mean to listen to last two. I f=got disgusted and relied on Servetus’s play by play for the last two episodes. I had a lot of problems with that, despite the fact that I took time to learn about Wolverine.


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