Wolverine After Show Link, Ep. 2

Continued  here. If you haven’t been able to find it with your premium membership, this is a direct link to Marvel After Show podcast.   ( 30 minutes long, includes interview with producer) There seems to be an After Show for Episode 1 with guest Ben Percy, but I didn’t get the direct link for that.  If you have the link, please share.

It’s only so-so and very like Berlin Station after shows, in that the moderators just parse the plot and tell you what you probably already know, or have suspected if you’ve been listening.



One thought on “Wolverine After Show Link, Ep. 2

  1. I wonder who actually likes the over-the-top forced hilarity of these after shows? I watched Orphan Black when it was on and the sci-fi channel had the same kind of after show. Not to my taste, but I’m happy to be able to fast forward to get to the interviews.


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