Perry Finds Wolverine Ep.2 #RichardArmitage

NO SPOILERS ( I’m giving fans a few days to catch up and listen to it)

Continued from here. Okay then. Another 32 minutes, and lots of Logan/Wolverine.

Just for a little more background, this story incorporates the trope of federal investigators vs. local cops. The female fed (Agent Pierce) is a hard-ass, professional no nonsense agent; her partner (Agent Marshall) is nondescript. They’re working with local cops, including a wet-behind the ears newbee. The feds are in it because of the deaths on the boat, which was in federal waters. The locals are looking into the murder of two local woman, with hints that they were killed by bears – which is quite rare.

The story is mostly told through conversations among the cops, fed and local, detailing their investigation – which then morphs into flashbacks, where the scenes are acted in the present tense by other actors. [ETA] After writing this, I read the director’s interview (Brendon P. Baker)linked by Servetus here , and he explains the method of story-telling better than I.

There is, as I mentioned earlier, some cult in the area They call themselves  The Aurora, whose leader is forecasting The Long Night. We learn more about it, and it has something to do with death and may draw on Good Night Moon, a favorite children’s book)

As I mentioned, Logan is an immediate suspect because of Capt. Washburn’s story about the overboard fisherman, as well as some other info gleaned from witnesses who have encountered him or seen strange things in the woods. On the other hand, Logan has some supporters ( with little or no clout), and there hints that let the listener know that Logan is not a pure evil creature.

The agents find and toss Logan’s house and find a letter he wrote to a lover in New Orleans, but didn’t send. This letter, read in Logan’s voice (Richard Armitage) gives us more background to who/what Logan is, i.e part of his origin story – that he’s a superhuman (mutant) who escaped from Weapon X and how he came to be in Alaska.

I don’t want to say more about the plot because of spoilers. So far, it’s a good mystery. I wish they’d lay off how short Logan is ( 26″ inseam) but I’m working on it.

I think Richard Armitage is doing well with his sort of western accent ( still has the intrusive r at the end of words typical of Brits doing American) – but a good job  in a low, gravelly voice.

Overall, I’m finding this podcast series entertaining and gripping.  I think I’m in for a mini treat once a week – though again, I would rather binge).









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