Collider Interview with #RichardArmitage

New Richard Armitage interview with Collider here with lots of information. I know the director said they gave actors back stories for Pilgrimage, but I just don’t agree that Raymond is any sort of religious extremist in this film. Just about everything about him casts doubt on his belief, in my opinion. What do you think?

I would describe Raymond as a [religious] extremist, which is a hot word, but he is. He’s prepared to kill and slaughter and commit genocide to push forward his religious agenda.

6 thoughts on “Collider Interview with #RichardArmitage

  1. Which religious agenda would that be? My goodness.

    I am generally having the reaction from these interviews that every person involved in this project was in a different movie.

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  2. I haven’t looked at Twitter yet today, but I’m tempted to put together a bingo card of what I expect people will say about this interview, lol.


  3. I see no religious agenda with Raymond whatsoever. Lineage, power in the court which could bring lands and money yes but a zero on religion. Mind you looking for a suitable marriage match might have been a much more effective way 😉 quite a different movie that would be. Saw a recent series of documentary about Wilh the Conquered Apparently profoundly pious but also a war lord mainly in pursuit of what he believed to be his inherited or promised rights to rule. By comparison Raymond shows zero devotion or piety just power hungry. Valid motivation though it is nothing to do with religion.

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