Strange Categorization -Audie Nom for #RichardArmitage


David Copperfield logo from Audible

Hard to figure out how the Audie Awards work these things, but once again, Richard Armitage has been nominated, for the third year in a row; however, he was not nominated in the Best Male Narrator category, but rather,

  • Stage and screen actor Richard Armitage’s charming performance of David Copperfield in the “Best Literary Fiction and Classics” category

Here’s the announcement:

I am guessing that, as with other awards, the producers decide which categories for which they want to submit their works, so I am assuming, with no real knowledge, that Audible decided to go this route.

For example, Audibles production/publication of The Turn of the Screw resulted in a nomination for  Emma Thompson as Best Female Narrator, for a book which would qualify as a classic. On the other hand, the audiobook, Another Brooklyn ( only a little over 2 hours long) was nominated in both categories:  Best Female Narrator  and  Best Literary Fiction and Classics. While available through Amazon and Audible, this audiobook was published and produced by HarperAudio and not Audible.

My point: that Audible  may have chosen which categories in which to enter their work, which may account for Richard Armitage not appearing in the Best Male Narrator category.

No difference, really – the nomination is clearly based on his performance.

4 thoughts on “Strange Categorization -Audie Nom for #RichardArmitage

  1. Hypothesis: they’re trying to nominate him in a category where he’s more likely to win? I haven’t watched that closely but hasn’t he been beaten out repeatedly by bigger names?

    [in this case, though, I’m going to guess that either Homegoing or The Underground Railroad wins. Haven’t read the latter but the former was a truly impressive book.]


      • Maybe. I think given the way the wind is blowing that it’s not going to be classical English literature that wins this time, but I could be wrong, and I haven’t listened to any of them, so …


  2. Other than Scarlett Johansson, I don’t recognize the other nominee narrators. So perhaps Richard Armitage has a slight edge in that regard–along with David Copperfield book topic illuminating the plight of a young boy at the mercy of others. Though the topics of some of the other books–such as The Underground Railroad–are also very worthy. I’ll keep my fingers crossed again. And kudos to Richard Armitage for being nominated three years in a row!


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