Richard Armitage, Berlin Station Short Interview

12 thoughts on “Richard Armitage, Berlin Station Short Interview

  1. If it’s possible, I think I’m even more excited now. On a shallow note (nothing unusual for me) I think he looks fantastic! Love what he is wearing. Keeping cool in the warm LA weather.


      • I’m convinced his thighs are the reason he doesn’t cross his legs but simply puts his lower leg on the opposite knee. Usually his right on his left as can be seen in lots of interviews! The Crucible one in the Old Vic and the Andrew Marr one to name a couple. 馃檪


        • I took a look, and the closest pic I could find with an actually crossed leg was the one candid from The Hobbit, where he is in a lounge, playing with his phone (open shirt). I don’t think he can do it. Besides his thighs, he has a lot of junk in the way.

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