@RCArmitage Brexit Position Revealed

Can’t argue when a Brit wants to say something about Brexit ( though he doesn’t mention it by name).

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 11.39.02 AM

10 thoughts on “@RCArmitage Brexit Position Revealed

  1. I know RA lives in NYC, but I hope he has the chance to vote.
    As a fellow (Danish) European, I believe it would be devastating if indeed GB leaves. RA speaks from an emotional viewpoint (he is an actor after all), i.e. separation and isolation, but in terms of the British economy, a ‘no’ would inflict so much damage, and result in more British unemployment and reduced influence on a global scale.


    • I won’t express an opinion, but, as I will be doing for my own country’s election, I hope he has an opportunity to vote with absentee ballot, or in his case a quick flight over.


    • Danish expats can’t vote in elections on national matters. Not sure how an election similar to that of Brexit would qualify.
      I hope it’s different for the British.


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