I – Richard Armitage’s First Audible Interview for DC

Here – The interview is embedded in the Tweet. I’m confident, if it hasn’t been done already, that the interview will be made available through another platform, for those not on Twitter. ETA here it is:

Richard Armitage seems to be saying that what he liked about narrating David Copperfield  is that, because it’s written in the first person, he was able to speak as DC,  as though he were speaking to just one person in one voice most of the time.

How are you doing with your listening? I’m struggling. Had to take a break of several hours after managing 4 hours on and off this morning.

10 thoughts on “I – Richard Armitage’s First Audible Interview for DC

      • Maybe smaller chunks? It is how i got through the Chimes, but i was happy when it ended i have to say. This is a much better story 🙂 Given the nature of it maybe there is no rush to go through it or rather push through it. I haven’t started yet, need to wait for my travel back on Thursday as no hours at a time to do it. But i will have to listen during commute so this will be a stretched out thing. But it is sort of a diary, he is right about that so no reason why not treat it as such and let it cross more time. We’ve got a long wait ahead for any other new thing so why not do 1h at a time or such, i don’t know 2 chapters maybe?
        I have a feeling that may work better, almost like an audio blog of Copperfield’s life? 🙂


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