Imagining Richard Armitage on Star Trek

It could happen. Here (Bryan Fuller to be show runner of  next year’sCBS’s new Star Trek series)

I’m thinking, prosthetics again.

8 thoughts on “Imagining Richard Armitage on Star Trek

  1. ah interesting, it will be fun to see what Fuller does with it, he is very creative even if i sometimes wonder about his choices 🙂 Well, there must be non-prosthetic roles in there too 🙂 I’ve always loved Star Trek so interested either way 🙂


  2. I think he’d make a great captain with his voice (Patrick Stewart) and his looks ( young Shatner). I don’t think he would sign up for the long haul, but definitely see him as a guest. He’d make a good Kahn-type, too, IMO. There is an old original episode featuring a travelling Shakespeare company that would be perfect for him.


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