Is IMDB Serious? Who’s In Charge Here?

Can someone explain this?  Richard Armitage’s IMDB rating was up 2 points last week when nothing was happening. This week he’s down 90 points but he lit up the boards and blogs with his appearance at the opening of World’s End and North and South was aired on US Dish  I don’t know how IMDB works these things- maybe by how much general press there is? Is it the curls? The brown shoes? Also, why is his page so outdated/

I need some answers.


15 thoughts on “Is IMDB Serious? Who’s In Charge Here?

  1. I’m just shaking my head. His Wikipage is exhaustive, and somewhat exhausting to read. Like, everything he every said is on there. But I wouldn’t mind if one of those people would take the time to update the IMDB page.


  2. the FAQ section says the STARmeter results are calculated using searches from paid accounts only. *shrugs* so obviously the serious minded movie buffs who have paid accounts, already know all about Richard 😉 🙂


  3. Points off for questionable footware choices, you think? There could be a whole rating system- I’m sure RA would lose points for lack of tabloid headlines. Can’t be a Hollywood high flyer without the requisite number of nightclub brawls and drunken sprawls!


      • He clearly needs taking in hand- lots of making up for lost time. Oh for the heydays of Peter O’Toole, Richard Harris and the like- they could’ve shown him a thing or two.

        RA did make it as high as 2 when The Hobbit first came out (who is that behind Thorin’s prosthetics? Must look him up!), so he has had a moment of rarefied air!


  4. The whole thing’s a nonsense. If we wanted to, we could all band together, get Pro accounts, and spend all day clicking on RA’s name to artificially inflate interest in him, which I’m sure goes on with other actors. On the occasions I’ve had a look at the list Tom Hardy’s always been up in the top 10, whereas most names rise briefly then fade away again.
    Perhaps we’re just not dedicated enough to our man!


  5. Prosthetics are by Tami Lane. Remember that name. We love her. She needs an Academy Award next year. Let’s get organized and behind her for that.


    • If you haven’t seen it,there was some discussion of his brown shoes at the End Of the World Premiere on – from the weekend I think.


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