Close to 12,000 Views. First Trailer for Berlin Station

The STAR, and really close-up. I’m flying high. It’s because it’s Richard Armitage in something, but it’s especially because Richard Armitage is the hero/star. This may be billed as some sort of ensemble cast and there may be fine acting by others, (the antagonist?), but I predict that this role is going to give me enormous Armitage endorphin pleasures. If you’re a Lucas North lover, it almost feels like fan wishes/fiction are a little true. He lives. And after a great run watching all of The Night Manager, I am just so stoked.

I so hope the series lives up to expectations.

But, I have to say, after not liking Michelle Forbes on Twitter, it irritated me to watch her. I hope that goes away.

4 thoughts on “Close to 12,000 Views. First Trailer for Berlin Station

  1. Excited about this! It’s almost as good as bringing Lucas North back from the dead! I hope and pray the writing is good!


  2. er, don’t expect the Night Manager LOL for one i am willing to take a bet that there will be no hanky panky whatsoever or any round bits showing 😝 And i’m quite happy with a little less idealistic and more gritty spy-drama. But it is indeed high time for us thirsty ones in the desert to be fed some leading man action!


  3. What makes you think it won’t have any sexiness? It’s for cable TV. I’m not saying I think it will or must, but I think it could. It does seem gritty based on all the BTS and pics we’ve seen.


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