Richard Armitage teases that he hasn’t done films with integrity

This Q & A is just great. I laughed when Richard Armitage intimdated he hasn’t done films with integrity. What in the world does he mean, except that also included some TV work? I think it was just a joke, although there is Into the Storm to consider.
And, without outing anyone – RA fans ask some of the best questions.
Really worth watching.

8 thoughts on “Richard Armitage teases that he hasn’t done films with integrity

  1. lill note, oh that! we were all stunned where that had come from! poor darling, he was still and very fresh from the influence of the film itself which he had also only just seen with everyone else for the first time complete. I think it’s connected to what he also says about Hare, that he is only half the man Hare is obviously in respect to the great work Hare has done with children and which he got to play in the film. In that instance, because it’s all so harrowing and touching and sad he probably felt this counted on a human level so much more than any other role, because of the theme and so on. Call it momentary bias and his usual down-talking of himself.
    We were all wondering how he could say that thinking of Thorin for example or come to think of it even of such positive characters like Porter or even Lucas (until the end ;-)) I refuse the idea that Thorin’s story is not a story told or meant with integrity 😉 And i am dead sure it’s not what he meant either. And by the way, hellooo, Proctor?
    I think he just felt this was a story with more human impact and a theme of more social consequence than any he had done before, also because it tired to involve the people it talked about. And that may very well be true 🙂 But yeah, i really hope people get to see him play this role because it’s obvious it comes from within and mentally i was shaking my head thinking he doesn’t even realise like we do ;-))) (APM alarm!) how much he actually has in common with Hare in terms of strength and warmth and compassion 🙂 He makes a difference more than he realises, just in a different way 🙂
    Anyway, just so this doesn’t get misunderstood 😉


  2. Well, I suppose he hasn’t made that many films, yet. And those he has made, were predominantly entertainment vehicles, i.e. fantasy films, a Marvel blockbuster and a disaster movie. I am not saying those have no integrity (I actually think PJ very much does), but they are different in that they are complete fiction. Doesn’t really have anything to do with integrity, though. Chop is the first RL character (in a movie), and that carries responsibility and own integrity. Without saying too much, I think he managed to carry that burden very well in UATSC. The warmth and compassion Hariclea mentioned in her comment above, are believable brought across by RA. He managed to play a man of integrity, with his own integrity.

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  3. I think he meant he has worked in more commercial projects rather than ones with a social message like this one. And also I think he was joking as well.


  4. I’m quite sure he was actually just taking up the interviewer’s phrasing in minute 6:44 of the Q&A – that Candida Brady’s film company Blenheim Films is known for “doing films with integrity” – so more likely just a lighthearted exaggeration by an attentive listener.


  5. Oh, and just wanted to add: Thank you, Perry, for keeping us updated on this, and thank you to the photographers who took fantastic pictures.
    I hope the film has a wider reach than Leeds and Britain, because the message is truly important, and so many children continue to live in squalor in societies that are supposedly affluent. I would take my two pre-teen children to watch it. Never mind the f-words 🙂
    Also, thank you for those really great questions; they elicited some great answers.

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