Berlin Station Writer Spies *and* Actors Both Wear Masks

here Author/Scriptwriter Olen Steinhauer

I’d love to have been a fly on the wall when he had that conversation with Richard Armitage, one of the stars of Berlin Station. He’d have been talking to a guy with substantial experience playing a spy – one who wore at least two masks at once, for a while. That same guy, at times,  also wears a mask when he is playing himself.

Excerpt by an anonymous actor in Berlin Station:

Another actor said, “When I get time off, I don’t know what clothes to put on. I don’t know what music to listen to. I don’t know what to do with myself.” That actor, searching for something to do, bought a farm.

Whether Richard Armitage is also paying Farmer Rich, I don’t know, and it’s certainly possible, even probable, that he doesn’t always know what clothes to put on when he’s on his own; but, I cannot imagine him not knowing what music to listen to.

Thanks to Micra for this link.

16 thoughts on “Berlin Station Writer Spies *and* Actors Both Wear Masks

  1. I really hope he wasn’t talking about RA, since that actor looks totally lost. If you need to act to be alive, then you’re already dead and it cannot end well.

    Agree about the music. Hard to imagine Richard not knowing what listen to.
    And he never bought a farm searching something to do. He may be living in one, but he certainly didn’t buy it because he had nothing do to.

    I remember an interview when he said actors always have things to do, reading, auditioning, studying so they are never unemployed. So his attitude seems pretty different from the one described by OS.


        • I’ve grown up around farms all my life and have done my fair share of shoveling manure. As a kid, I remember vomiting every time I forced to do it. My siblings wouldn’t do it, so I ended up with that task.
          I hope whoever this actor is doesn’t mind smelling like manure. It’s probably not RA, because I’ve told that he smells like a Yankee Candle (Mountain Lodge).


      • Sorry, not sure I understand what you mean, so forgive me if I misundertood. I have NO DOUBTS Richard is spending part of his time in “that” farm. I just don’t recognize him in OS description, and I hope Richard has no problems in living his own life while not working. He certainly looks grounded and in control of his life. The man in that description looks a troubled one, imo.


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