Poldark Episode 1 Gets Panned – But Don’t Believe It


This is a somewhat surprising, unforgiving negative review of Episode I of Poldark by The Telegraph. Their main complaint seemed to be that there wasn’t enough sex to justify the time slot beyond the Watershed. Moreover, the reviewer spent more time reviewing Cornwall than the drama itself.

I especially find the review unforgiving for refusing to recognize that plot and characters need to be set up in the first episodes. How much can be done in 42 minutes? Give it a chance, man.

10 thoughts on “Poldark Episode 1 Gets Panned – But Don’t Believe It

  1. It was a full 60 minutes jam packed with content, a bit too crammed for my taste. Every character seemed in a hurry to establish their character so much so that I wondered how they are going to develop. It’s been awhile since I read the first book but I was surprised Francis almost drowned in the first episode. The only parts that seem to have been filmed with any leisure were the scenes involving the scenery.


  2. aw, sod the Telegraph 😉 It was trending on twitter ( the hair nearly trended all on its own 😉 ) and it had really good audience figures. Yes it was a bit rushed at the beginning but there are 2 books in 8 eps so they had to get introductions out of the way fast, i felt it settled down well after that and the coming home and finding what home is for him really took its time in a good way. And more importantly for me the acting is really good, it’s not just pretty people in pretty clothes against pretty background. We’ll see what the audience will be next time. The complaints about watershed are ridiculous, it’s not about sex but the potential and actual violence. The skin will come soon enough 😉


  3. I cheated and unlocked BBC iplayer so I could watch Poldark now because I sure as hell was not waiting until June when it airs on Masterpiece. I loved it. What this reviewer fails to realize is there is an entire generation that is unfamiliar with Ross Poldark, so developing character and plot helps. I loved it. It was beautifully filmed and Cornwall was and is a major character in this show in all its beautiful glory. I visited Cornwall nearly 20 years ago and this really made me miss it.


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