I’ve Decided Chinese Interviewers are Among the Best – and hey – Most are Women

I love her last questions about the end of the film.

Sent to me by Micra and via the Chinese fans.

At some point I hope to post more, or a list of links with the Chinese interviews, but I’ve noticed in the ones I have seen, there seems always to be a question or two that’s not been asked in quite the same way before.

6 thoughts on “I’ve Decided Chinese Interviewers are Among the Best – and hey – Most are Women

  1. They offered him the opportunity to answer in a different way, to talk about himself as an actor more than his usual and about his next projects too. Some questions, like in this interview, were particularly smart, showing Chinese interviewers were better prepared than others about The Hobbit. Well done China and thanks again to the fantastic Richard Armitage CN that made these interviews available to us.


  2. Totally agree with you, Perry. I watched another one of the Chinese interviews today and suddenly realized – wow, these are all questions about (filming) the Hobbit that I have not heard before, and which RA answered at length and with reflection. Kudos to them. The Chinese press tour has been extremely interesting, more so than London! Plus, the Chinese fans have been extremely good at capturing RA and then sharing their spoils. A big massive thanks to them!


  3. Thank you, fans from China for sharing! Thank you, Perry, for posting! An interesting listen and fun to see him engage in a slightly different way with these interviewers! His whole demeanor in China seemed relaxed, adventurous and boyishly charming.


  4. I agree with you 🙂
    If you want to make a list of links with the Chinese interviews, we would love to share the links that we have!


    • Thanks. I hate to put you through the trouble and I think some other fans might have them. But if you’ve got them ready to go, I will surely post, because I also think I missed a few.


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