Richard Armitage in Character, I Hope

Guy of Gisborne is really beating the crap out of that sweater/polo he’s donning. I assume Richard Armitage is just playing in character and that in real life he takes better care of his clothes. He must, or how could he hang on to his garments for so many years?

Gently, Richard, Gently. One arm at a time.

Source for all images: RACentral

38 thoughts on “Richard Armitage in Character, I Hope

  1. Quality clothes take more abuse. Higher thread count, tighter fabric weave, higher quality of the fiber in the fabric, quality thread and the way the garment has been stitched. (I’m another one of those that hangs onto clothes forever.) Richard’s one unbuttoned button during his red carpet appearance at 40 principales drives me crazy – did he notice? Is this on purpose? Did he pop the button? Dressed in a hurry? Everyone points out the crooked way the tie is on – so why isn’t there “button gate”? An inquiring mind wants to know!


    • πŸ˜€ I’d love to think that maybe he *did* leave it undone on purpose as he knew we would go crazy wondering why – although I doubt it!! Doesn’t it make you want to take a peek at that manly chest? πŸ˜‰

      I tend to hang on to clothes too and you’re right, quality clothes do take more abuse. I know when my kids were young (they’re in their 40’s or early 50’s now) my mother in law who lived in London would send them clothes from M&S and they lasted for years and were passed on to younger siblings as they grew out of them, they didn’t wear out.

      BTW – I love the way his hair flops when he pulls the sweater over his head. *sigh*


    • Oh! You’re right. The button was noticed and then the matter dropped in favor of what a great outfit people thought it was. The crooked tie was ignored. I have to look. Was there a tie clip? Tie clip incident could have resulted in lost button. Tie clip could have covered it.
      He was straining in the white shirt for the Hassler shoot.Maybe he was wearing the same size in Madrid?

      Maybe we were so happy and excited about the whole tour, and he was doing so well with clothes- we gave him a pass *at the time* . But, that was then,is now.


      • No tie clip visible in any of the photocall pictures. At least the tie was straight for the awards ceremony. My favorite straining white shirt is the one from Popcorn Taxi where it pulls like swiss cheese over the abs. Slim fit cut indeed.


  2. It always drives me crazy to see how men put on and off their t-shirt or sweater or anything with 2 sleeves and a hole for the head. I bet it’s something on their Y chromosome. Or better, the lack of a leg in it πŸ˜› Or perhaps it’s the way mothers teach their sons how to dress and undress… don’t know, but men and women use different ways to get on/off their t-shirts.
    That said, I agree about quality clothing resisting wild behavior as Guy’s… it’s not always true, I can assure you, there are exceptions. But just try a Belstaff jacket and yes, you will notice the difference and you will love it forever πŸ˜‰


  3. LOL – I believe Allan had annoyed Guy on that occasion. (…and so had Marian). Maybe it took a lot of takes to get just the right mood for the scene and the jumper was stretched out of shape.


  4. He’s giving it quite the rough treatment, but that does nothing to lessen the impact of the black against that pale, pale skin.


  5. And the shirt is still nicely tight despite the battering it got *ggg*. Guy sure looks great in black.
    Off to check the button issue on the Madrid pics now… completely escaped me.


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  7. The violence in the abuse of that sweater is likely acting – at least I see it as reflective of his character and his mood at the moment (but he was always in a bad mood.) Oh if only we could see the truth for ourselves. (And oh to have been be a fly on the wall in the Cats backstage green room.)


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