The Hobbit BOTFA Premiere – Part 2 – Hat-trick

Guylty’s London Premiere Experience with Photos

Guylty Pleasure

Let’s forget the Dunn School of Marketing for a moment. I know what you have been waiting for – the booty. You shall see said booty in this post, accompanied by a few more comments on the whole procedure of the red green carpet. The hat-trick has been done. And yet the third Hobbit premiere did not really become the ultimate that I had hoped it would be, mainly because there was less booty than I had hoped (see yesterday’s Part 1). But that doesn’t take away from the fact that this journey that started in the spring of 2012 has been hugely fun, majorly inspirational and personally fulfilling. And it is blessing me ever more with hindsight… You’ll see what I mean when you read my post. But without any further ado, here are the images.

This is the closest Mr A came to us:

IMG_9885IMG_9884IMG_9886The last image…

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Was There a Hair Ball in Richard Armitage’s Past?

Again with the beard?

Armitage Agonistes

We know he doesn’t like cats and water, but does Richard Armitage have another deep-seeded fear that we’ve yet to explore? I think he might. I think Richard might suffer from gynopogonophobia – the fear of female beards. At the same time, as is often the case with phobias, I think he’s a little drawn to the objects of his fear- a little obsessed – so there’s a corresponding touch of gynopogonophilia.

You will recall that Armitage got  heat from Evangeline Lilly and some fans for what he said during the Cinemax Final Cut interview, when he said that a woman in a beard was ” not a good look.” Now, some thought he was poking fun at fans in cos play, but I think not. I think he was commenting on the look of women in beards. Decide for yourself. It comes at the beginning.

My in-depth research…

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Richard Armitage-The Contender

for TBT – What a difference a year makes.

Armitage Agonistes

“Agonistes” is borrowed from the Greek and means “struggler” or “contender.” It is used as an epithet following someone’s name, the most famous example of which is “Samson Agonistes,” the dramatic poem by John Milton.

Samson, Courtesy of Joe’s Art

Richard Armitage has been and is to this day, a contender in the entertainment game, race or struggle. He’s yet to reach the pinnacle of his chosen career. At times, he breaks out of the pack, wins the set, achieves a knockdown; but his overall standing doesn’t change. A case in point is what didn’t happen after “North and South.” By all reasonable expectations, the impact he made as a result of that performance should have catapulted him into numerous roles for BBC and other British production companies, if not on to the big screen. Yet, for two years not much happened, except a few isolated and small roles like…

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Armitage in Profile …

Zan shares more of Richard Armitage engaging with fans after Pinter/PROUST

Well, There You Go ...

It’s been two weeks.  By now, this should be a blip on the memory screen.  (Inner fangirl is yelling, “Who are you kidding?”)  It’s so not a blip. 😉

So, with a nudge from Perry, I submit, for your approval (appreciation, amusement, whatever), some of the not so fantastic photos taken from a different angle during the signing / photo op in the Hall at 92Y.  Oh, and if any of you recognize yourselves in the pics, give me a yell.  It’d be fun to see who I accidentally captured.  😉

All photos taken by me. (Yeah, I admit to the crappy quality.)

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