RA & I – the sequel: NIFF part 2

Don’t miss Esther’s NIFF part two. Full of never before seen photos and a great story about her one and one interaction with RIchard Armitage. A real winner.

The Book of Esther

So, Richard Armitage at the Newcastle International Film Festival, part two (continuing on from here)…

The taxi ride from the Mining Institute to the Biscuit Factory for the Urban and the Shed Crew premiere was only a few minutes, it totally beat a 20 minute walk in the rain. There was champagne and hors d’oeuvres awaiting us. Perfect for a little bit to eat and I may have sipped the champagne a little too quickly in my excitement. I went to the bathroom and when I got back I immediately sensed a hubbub – that could only mean one thing: the Armitage was in the house and had made an appearance! As I was no way near the man, I decided it was time to take out the big guns: my camera, so that I could use my zoom lens to take pictures! Someone made a little video during…

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RA & I – the sequel: NIFF part 1

Detailed report from Esther about the convo with Richard Armitage and Caroline Goodall at Newcastle IFF.

The Book of Esther

Three and a half years ago, I had the opportunity of meeting Richard Armitage in person at The Old Vic’s stage door in London after a performance of The Crucible. Two days ago, I had the pleasure of meeting him again, this time at the Newcastle International Film Festival (NIFF)! I’ve been excited about going there and meeting him for a week or so leading up to this after I decided, on an impulse, to go! I should listen to my impulses more often… 🙂

I flew in to Newcastle on an early morning flight from Amsterdam on Saturday morning, landing at 8.45 am. The weather in Amsterdam had been lovely but the weather in Newcastle was less so – it was grey and wet! I got into the city and walked around a bit, first around Monument where I had gotten off the metro, then into the…

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All Roads Lead to Leeds – #UATSC Premiere Part 1

No Words Necessary. Wait Until You See These Photos.

Guylty Pleasure

Some of you may have already been waiting for this. The official write-up and the full photographic loot of the UATSC premiere in Leeds. A little preamble – there is enough material here to draw this out as a loooong, slooooow, and sweet death by guylty pleasure, and since RL demands my attention, I will not be able to post everything tonight. Rather than just upload all the pictures, I’d like to put them into context and describe the event as it unfolded. And that takes a bit of time. I will post about the UATSC premiere in three parts, in chronological order. Part 1 deals with the premiere in Chapel FM on Saturday, part 2 will describe the second screening in Hyde Park Picture House on Sunday, and part 3 concludes the whole saga with a review of the film. I’ll post on three consecutive days, so it’ll be…

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Thrilling, Touching, Fitting: My Impressions of Hannibal S.3 Episode 13

Great Recap and fabulous images in this Hannibal Finale Review


Vision7 The Great Red Dragon has met his destiny.

Well, as far as mic drops go… this one was worthy. But oh! For the first time since Hannibal started airing the Red Dragon arc, I find myself having trouble getting motivated to blog about it. It wasn’t that the series finale didn’t inspire me. It’s just that I’m feeling rather devastated that it’s over.

So, Spoilers ahead, of course. And toward the end, some graphic images. Be forewarned. The first time I watched the finale, I was gripped with suspense. The final battle scene exhilarated me, even as my heart shrieked in denial. A series of gorgeous final images of Francis Dolarhyde left me breathless. The music was beautiful, the embrace between Will and Hannibal somehow moved me, and then the plunge over the abyss… perfect!

I watched the entire episode again immediately, and then watched Ep. 12 and Ep. 13 together…

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Chopped …

More on the ChopShot from Zan

Well, There You Go ...

Apparently we aren’t the only ones who are enjoying the promo (?) pic released a couple of days ago. Ms. Friel posted the above on Instagram and then Fraser’s mom commented on the post:

Why does this picture from Urban and the Shed Crew evoke such a response from us?  (And I feel comfortable saying “us” seeing all the posts across social media concerning it.)  As others have noted, there are many emotions just leaping from this image: Greta looking lost, wary, a bit scared; Chop looking scruffily sexy (stop it, you’re writing a serious piece here … trying to, anyway) resigned yet protective; Urban mimicking the pose of his pseudo-father, showing respect while maintaining his cred.

So, was it just me, or did anyone else get another message from this image?  (Mind … get out of…

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Caught in Richard’s Web – Spider Not Required

In light of recent discussions, I remembered this post – one of the first I ever published. Thought you might enjoy it.

Armitage Agonistes

Sunday Times 2006, Promo for “The Impressionists.” Image from RichardArmitageNet.Com

This post, begun at 7:30 a.m. , was  supposed to be completed by 10, after which I was going to begin my Real Life job. The post subject was Guy of Gisborne, and I started out by foraging for photos.

Before I knew it, it was noon, I had made way from R.A.Net.Com through a lot of  Pinterest and on to Tumblr. Thirty  days ago I’d never heard of two of those sites.

The odd thing was, I wasn’t the least bit guilty or anxious that I had let the morning fly by, that my post wasn’t written or that I hadn’t earned a dime. I felt good. Really good.  There was a lightness.  And why not? I’d spent the whole morning smiling and sighing.

Mr. Thornton Surveys His Realm, Courtesy of R.A.Net.com Mr. Thornton Surveys His Realm, Courtesy of R.A.Net.com

I realized that for a number of…

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Shame on the Shamer – Hathorne Lives on Facebook

Sorry. Some folks didn’t get this.

Armitage Agonistes

This morning I read this post on another blog, and the funny thing was, I hadn’t seen the Facebook page to which it alluded, but I knew which one it was.  I knew, because of late that Facebook administrator  has been scolding, chastising and shaming her own readers. ( As is her custom, the post was deleted, or anyway, I can’t find it, but see below for the screen shot and the specific discussion).

This admin is pretty good at shaming. She’s shamed PBS for poor promotion. She’s shamed Digital Theatre for ” not keeping a promise” to post some big news ( even though she misread their tweet) and she’s tried to shame me plenty of times, the most recent time was last night when I asked a simple, non-threatening question  and she tried to make me look the fool for asking it.

She put a “moratorium” on…

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