White Rose Shares Experiences With Yael Farber and her Salome

here I hope this is one of several accounts we get to read about Yaël Farber’s newest production.

Thanks to Violet Dutchblogger for the link.

Side DIshes: Some More Reviews of Yaēl Faber’s Salome


here (DC Theater Scene) very detailed and to me, brings some similarities to The Crucible in Staging.


Side Dishes: Yaël Farber’s Salome, reviewed by The Washington Post



Is anyone planning to see it? I would love to know more.

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Maybe Not Herod (Salome) After All – Yaël Farber Said to Also Be Working on a Greek Play

here Micra found this link for us.

Excerpt, from a March article:

Farber is currently rehearsing for a new production of Nirbhaya and adapting Salome while working on a version of a Greek

The First ” Ask Armitage” Tweet Question – From Yael Farber


I wonder if ” balls to the wall” fits into the category of keeping it clean?

Yaël Farber Interview


She had two crazy casting sessions which started as soon as she arrived, jetlagged and bleary-eyed. But that probably focused her mind. Her leading man, Richard Armitage, met with her in a dimly-lit dining room in Leeds, but, says Farber, the connection and rapport was instant. “I was given a long list of gorgeous men but wanted someone with a specific hunger, who’d make the journey with me.”


So, “gorgeous man” must have been her list of requirements for her Proctor, but how do you ask a casting director to present an actor who has ” a specific hunger?” I love this description.

Thanks to Micra for highlighting this.