Richard Armitage Nominated for Best Supporting Actor (BOTFA) Saturn Awards


He’s up against J.K Simmons for Whiplash, who has won just about everything for this role, and, coincidentally, Andy Serkis for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. All in all, BOTFA got five nominations.
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SO We DO know where @RCArmitage is, and Congrats on his Empire Award Nom for Best Actor

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Forbes Gets It Right About The Hobbit Trilogy Box Office – Again

Great article from Forbes  that assesses the unqualified success of The Hobbit Franchise. It’s premise is somewhat related to this . This is the second favorable article by Forbes about BOTFA. The first is here.

Thank you to KatharineD. for finding this first.

Another Reason to Blame Peter Jackson for Making the Hobbit into Three Films?

According to The Hollywood Reporter ( and presumably more sophisticated financial analysts) in an article titled ” How the Hobbit ‘s Billion Dollar Box Office Haul Shrank by $ 90 million)  despite BOTFA’s resounding success overseas, Warner Brothers will take in $ 90 million less than expected, because of the currency exchange rate – that is – the dollar is stronger against weaker international currencies such as those in China and Russia.

In other words, even though more tickets  for BOTFA might have been sold  than were sold for DOS or AUJ, in, say China,( i.e more people saw the films or went more often,) the falling foreign currency means less money  in U.S. currency was made per ticket. As a result, BOTFA is unlikely to reach the magic 1 Billion mark.

Of course, this is Peter Jackson’s fault, because, had he not stretched The Hobbit into three movies, the whole story could have been done and dusted a year ago, when the dollar was weaker and then Warner Brothers wouldn’t need to fret over pulling in only about $ 920 million ( so far) for the unnecessary third film.

Truth is, I’m getting weary of all this analysis of the box office success of BOTFA, DOS and AUJ compared to LOTR. Nothing is the same as it was from the financial side of film distribution since LOTR. Critics and analysts have to keep reminding us that some of the films were released midweek instead of weekends, which makes a difference. Later films had the benefit of higher ticket prices because of IMAX and 3D screens. Some films were shown on a greater number of higher priced screens than others. Ticket prices have gone up anyway and some films had stiffer competition upon opening than others.

All I know, and this is from reading scores of analytical and newsy articles on the BOTFA box office, is that for some reason, even though these sites report the facts and the numbers provided to them by reliable sources, there always seems to be an undercurrent, a resentment, a dig, about the Battle of the Five Armies, and Peter Jacksons decision to make three films, which many claimed were “bloated.”

So, we might as well blame him for the falling Yuan as well.

So, we might as well blame him for BOTFA’s failure to reach a billion. Why not?

Speaking of third, The Hobbit, and One Billion – oy – this is complicated. read the article

here Nor really that complicated, unless one is going for a catchy title. (“Third” refers to here)

The gist of it is that  in January 2015, U.S. Box Office receipts reached $ 1 Billion. January is a notoriously bad month for movie receipts.  This is the best January start since 2010.

What helped this along was American Sniper, which had its general release in January, followed by Taken 3 – which was released in January, and the, third, was BOTFA which – and this is the good part – actually opened in general release in mid December. It’s crazy – people are still seeing that movie.


In China, Not Just 100,000 Followers, But $ 100 Million in Box Office

According to Variety

China also buoyed “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.” The Middle-earth finale pulled in $22.4 million across 57 markets, but the People’s Republic accounted for the largest slice, amounting to $20.2 million. The film has made nearly $100 million in China alone, and its worldwide haul stands at $915.9 million.

What Box Office Mojo Says About Hobbit Box Office

here’s what they say:

Thanks to strong numbers in China, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies reached $900 million worldwide this weekend.

It joins the other two Hobbit movies—and the last twoLord of the Rings movies—in that $900-million-plus club.

In its second weekend in China, the final chapter in theHobbit trilogy added $20.2 million, which brings its total there to an estimated $92.6 million. Overall, it has now earned $664.2 million overseas and $916 million worldwide.

Ultimately, it could wind up passing The Desolation of Smaug‘s $960 million total; however, reaching $1 billion now seems to be out of the question.

The Chinese box office numbers differ from what I posted earlier here