The Crucible on Screen Dates Announced for Spain and Portugal

In-Depth Interview of Richard Armitage Promoting The Crucible from New Zealand

here After all this time, and countless interviews, Richard Armitage continues to find something new to say.

An Aussie Article/Interview of The Crucible on Screen, with some new information


Here’s an excerpt:

Before rehearsals for The Crucible began, his own preparation involved a visit to Salem, where the play is set. “I always think it’s the most potent sort of thing, to go to the source. [I] wanted to try to connect with who they were as people, tread the paths they trod.” Reading Arthur Miller’s autobiography, Timebends, was an extra incentive; Miller went there to explore the place, “and I was looking for the ways that Miller and his works connect”. He feels that the voice of Proctor is very much Miller’s voice.

In the rehearsal room, he recalls, “we had a huge board where we bought images and pieces of music and our collective ideas, so you could really see where other people were finding sources.” The cast of 23 spanned generations, from actors fresh out of drama school to performers in their 80s. “They brought books about the Holocaust, images of Eastern Europe, Africa, the Far East. None of it was going to put a stamp on the play that was too identifiable,” he says, but it emphasised the scope and range of the text.

There was also intense physical preparation, and exercises and improvisations that brought out the conditions under which these characters lived, colonists in a small religious community, “working the land and trying to survive. We created a kind of church for ourselves we’d attend every day”. There was a sermon, “and we brought our collective thoughts on what that would be about, and what would be spoken at these meetings that were so central to the culture”.

I recommend the entire article, forwarded by KatharineD. I wondered myself whether Armitage had read Timebends, Arthur Miller’s biography. And now I wonder what he thought of it.

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