Richard Armitage Interviewed for Strike Back on Cinemax


Friday, October 18 should be the date. Just got my Cinemax turned on today, in time to see the extended trailer.

What Have You Done For Me Lately, Peter Jackson?

The One has further substantiated earlier conclusions that the new DOS trailer is imminent, and best guesses are it will be a trailer on the big screen if one goes to see Gravity with George Clooney and Sandra Bullock.  I could sit through 2  hours of George Clooney for 2.24 minutes of Richard Armitage ( less really) – then I can finally say, “I saw Richard Armitage on the Big Screen”.

But wait, there’s more,


As it happens, the page provided by The One Ring. Net also lists other trailers approved for release, and if you notice- there is one for Disney’s Frozen, also the title of the first movie Richard Armitage was in. ( It was a real movie and it played in places – where – I’m not so sure ) Check out this insightful, non-spoiler, review by MorrighansMuse on her blog lovesexandotherdirtywords.

So, I have this vision, 5 years into the future, some unwitting parents are going to get  a surprise. They’ll order from Amazon, the DVD or BlueRay -or by then who knows what – of  Disney’s Frozen, and instead they’ll receive a film set in an even colder world, causing distress and confusion.  I like to call this the Cinemax Cindrome , first encountered by me and other fans when we bought “Strike Back Season 1” which was really Season 2 and all sorts of other deceptive practices were in play. BTW – Cinemax is making it up to us;  “Strike Back -Origins” the real one with John Porter, will be airing On October 25, in the US on Cinemax.

So I wonder, will an entire new generation of Armitage fans be writing,  “I opened the wrong, DVD, I started to watch, I saw this guy on the screen sitting at an empty desk, and the rest  is history?”

OK – DOS Trailer, check , Strike Back coming to  U.S. TV – check,  Mention,  MMs review of Frozen ( and see the film) check, make slight joke about two films having the same name, check,  hmmm. something’s missing.

 Peter Jackson – Where’s the final DOS Production   Vlog?? Can’t we get even an ETA?

Strike Back – Everyone Dodges Bullets

For the media that advertised the  October 25 airing on Cinemax of Strike Back the Original  [Origins] season 1, “starring Andrew Lincoln” and “the Hobbit actor,” see below: SKY 1’s promos when it aired in the UK. Maybe  Andrew Lincoln’s Collinson is in that helicopter, but where he isn’t is standing next to the star, Richard Armitage.

And if you look at the second promo shot for episodes 1 and 2, you can’t help but notice that John Porter  in in front, and Andrew Lincoln is behind him, with guest star Orla Brady who appeared in only two episodes.

So, I’m glad we straightened that out and I hope as the Cinemax promotional machine starts up, that they take notice.

SB Promo, Courtesy of RichardArmitagenet/com

SB Promo, Courtesy of RichardArmitagenet/com


Strike Back Promo, Courtesy

StrikeBack Promo, Courtesy

Based on comments on my other posts on Strike Back last week,  here,   here  and here , there’s come concern or at least acknowledgement, that  current fans of the Cinemax version of Strike Back aren’t going to like the first series, which is better written, less raunchy and maybe, not as fast-paced as the original.  So, Perry embarked on a little research to see what the story was.

First, I watched some episodes of the Cinemax Strike Back.  Now Perry, who can be a bit of a spend thrift, balked at buying both seasons from Amazon instant video, so she watched ( sorry- tried to watch) about 6 episodes over the two seasons available. This version is what it is. It’s a macho based, action show, very tongue in cheek at times, with lots of brutal, cold-blooded killing. It’s a buddy show, with snippy lines between the two main characters, Stonebridge and Scott. There are plenty of females in the show- military, civilian and villain. Taking a page from Spooks, people get killed off like crazy. There are some good guest stars, though, including Liam Cunningham ( Game of Thrones), Robson Green(Wire in the Blood), and Iain Glen(everything).

I think it’s just plain silly- but I can see the appeal to a certain audience,  because it’s good for laughs and spins some good tales.

The funniest aspect of the show is the gratuitous sex.  There was at least one sex scene in every episode I watched, and based on what I read on the IMdB Strike Back Message Board,  this is a staple of the show, mostly with Sgt. Scott screwing just about every female he comes across. But not to worry, unfortunately for the women involved, the sex only takes about 2 minutes.  Every time. There’s usually not much time to even lie down – apparently Scott likes it best standing up. Less work for him.

Let’s put it this way: if Cinemax were in charge of the original, John Porter would have comforted Katie by screwing her in captivity and in the hospital, and this beautiful scene would have looked a lot different.


After watching the episodes, I went over to the IMdB message Board to see what folks there were saying. Surprisingly, many of the fans of the show see it for what it is, and a number of them liked “our” version, with Richard Armitage, better- or at least they acknowledge that it was superior in many ways. If you’re interested, take a look at the following threads on the Board. : (1)  How essential is it to see the original UK season 1 first? (2) Cinemax to air Chris Ryan’s Strike Back, U.K. The real season one.(3)  Bring back Porter

SB Season 3, Cinemax

SB Season 3, Cinemax

One final note. I don’t presume to speak for Richard Armitage ( well, maybe sometimes) – but I can tell you this – I wouldn’t be surprised if every day of his life since he signed on to “The Hobbit” and left “Strike Back” in his rear view mirror, he said a silent prayer to Peter Jackson. The second incarnation of this show is so not what he signed up for.  Yes – Stonebridge and Scott may miraculously dodge fake bullets in Strike Back- but Richard Armitage dodged a real one. 


[ETA] – On “Wet Paint” today –Andrew Lincoln’s Strike Back Series Will Soon Air in U.S. For the First Time


Latest “Strike Back” Media Blitz Highlights Richard Armitage

Digital Spy gets it right. The announcement of Cinemax’s decision to air “Strike Back’ (Origins) features Richard Armitage’s name AND a neat trailer. This is exactly what’s needed to broaden the potential audience for SB beyond the current demographic.


The current season of “Strike Back” on Cinemax ends in around 6 weeks. Let’s hope they pull out all the stops on promoting Richard Armitage. This is a good time to start posting that great Vimeo Pre-production video. Hint Hint.

Johnny- I Hardly Knew Ye –

Sgt. John Porter Courtesy

Sgt. John Porter

Five days after Richard Armitage tore into my life in a whirlwind, I was scavenging around for more to watch. Having seen all of his Spooks seasons and Robin Hood, I was delighted when I discovered Strike Back. More! There was More- right there on Amazon, practically free to stream. Instant Armitage.

I settled in, and started to stream the episode. It looked good. Good music. There was his name up on the screen. Even in these early days of my fandom, I appreciated the difference between Strike Back and the other shows. This was a promotion. Richard Armitage was the STAR! No more ensemble cast. No more humiliated Guy of Gisborne. No more sharing third billing to two other less compelling (in my view) actors. Two seasons of Richard Armitage, the STAR.  And I was just beginning.

So when three minutes in John Porter was shot in the head, it didn’t bother me a bit. Oh- this is like what happened to Harry on Spooks– it’s not real. It can’t be real- the damned series just started.

I sat there impatiently waiting for the plot to unfold – for  John Porter to reappear.  And he did.  Again and again – he got shot in the head, keeled over, and some guy on the screen rewound the tape and it started again. Rewind, Repeat.

What did I miss? Eventually, I went back to Amazon to see if I’d purchased the wrong episode. No. Long story short- Cinemax lied. This wasn’t the first season- this was the second season. And John Porter wasn’t coming back. This was no Harry Pierce *execution* – this was Danny!

I was deflated. I was pissed. I was back with Guy. But just for a while. A few weeks later the *real* Strike Back arrived and I was as happy as a clam at high tide.


There was Richard Armitage, looking the most gorgeous I had ever seen him. Buff, clean cut, sexy, steamy. And the first two episodes gripped me. (*real* discussion in later posts). He was stunning; his character was multi-dimensional; other characters were good; there was the promise of romance; intrigue; action. Strike Back had it all.

picasion.com_934ff6db4f9df7601f45ff9131bc5ea2 (1)

And then it was over.

I get that The Hobbit was an opportunity that Richard Armitage could not pass up. And in the long run, his taking the role of Thorin Oakenshield will be better for me, as well.  I agree- Armitage had to strike out from  Strike Back to strike through to stardom


But only six hours of John Porter was a promise unfulfilled. There is so much more to be revealed.

John Porter – we hardly got to know ya’.

Richard Armitage-The Contender

“Agonistes” is borrowed from the Greek and means “struggler” or “contender.”  It is used as an  epithet following someone’s  name, the most famous example of which is “Samson Agonistes,”  the dramatic poem by John Milton.

Samson, Courtesy of Joe’s Art

Richard Armitage has been and is to this day, a contender in the entertainment game, race or struggle.  He’s yet to reach the pinnacle of his chosen career.  At times, he breaks out of the pack, wins the set,  achieves a knockdown; but his overall standing doesn’t change. A case in point is what didn’t happen after “North and South.” By all reasonable expectations, the impact he made as a result of that performance should have catapulted him into numerous roles for BBC and other British production companies, if not on to the big screen. Yet, for two years not much happened, except a few isolated and small roles like “Malice Aforethought,” “The Inspector Lynley Mysteries,” a mediocre and short-lived medical series, “The Golden Hours,” and a small role in a small film, “Frozen.” Things picked up markedly in 2006 with “the Impressionists” and “Robin Hood.” From then on he had regular work in ever- growing roles, finally starring as John Porter in “Strike Back.” He was was not just a contender, but a strong contender.


Yet, Richard Armitage wasn’t the favorite.  At least not the favorite of those who do the casting in the film industry.  From 2006 to 2010 there was no appreciable level of recognition outside the U.K and apparently no one was knocking at his door with film scripts.

Then, in 2010 came the announcement of his casting as Thorin Oakenshield in “‘The Hobbit,”  – a tremendous breakthrough. Here was a starring role in three big films, sure to be heavily promoted and  guaranteeing him a place in the spotlight for the next four years. It seemed like the contender’s struggle for dominance could be over.

But it isn’t over. Because as I write this today, there is no upcoming project that we know of for the contender. The struggle continues.

Every time I read or hear some interviewer ask what his next project is, I cringe as Richard Armitage responds that he has nothing up right now. I know these are old interviews. But the situation hasn’t changed. I wince when I look at His IMDB page or his fan sites and see nothing listed under “current projects.” And frankly, I just don’t understand it.

Courtesy of RichardArmitageCentral

Courtesy of RichardArmitageCentral

Every move Richard Armitage made once he was cast in “The Hobbit” was right. His performance was good; cast and crew had nothing but the best things to say about him as a colleague and a friend; he comported himself perfectly at interviews, premieres, ComicCom, photo shoots. He was golden.

Furthermore, the excuse that he’s not well-known or recognizable outside the U.K is obsolete. His visage as Thorin Oakenshield is immediately recognizable. He, himself is recognizable in New York, in Canada, in Japan- wherever he goes. The increased web presence is proof that his fan base has been hugely expanded.

Nor can those in the industry claim that “The Hobbit” didn’t show enough range for them to make any decisions regarding Richard Armitage. He has a diverse body of work for them to inspect and assess.

It isn’t the schedule, because there have been breaks throughout the three year period from 2010, and now, the work is completed until the promotional tours start for the DOS. And anyway, other Hobbit actors have announced new projects.

Maybe there is something in the works and we just don’t know about it. Maybe Richard Armitage is spending his off-time reviewing scripts, deciding whether he wants to do a BBC mini-series, waiting for something to be green-lighted.

Hundreds, if not thousands of fans hope so.

In the meantime, Richard Armitage remains the contender, the struggler.