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Ahh. Not sure about this.  It seems similar to some other episode plots. But if it comes to Mexico, I’ll see it.

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If we knew then what we know now.


The BBC and the rooftop fascination- Guest post by KatharineD

Perry’s still away on holidays, so I’m going to crave your indulgence with a random post that’s a tad left-field- I figure everyone’s got The Hobbit covered for the moment, so it’s time for a different topic of conversation.

In honour of Sherlock finally coming back to TV screens after a two year hiatus (you can partly blame the inordinate wait on The Hobbit and Doctor Who for having overlapping actors and show runners), I started thinking about the BBC, and its weird fascination with placing main characters on rooftops at pivotal moments.
Of course Sherlock Holmes, wearing his signature Belstaff coat, made a very dramatic leap off the roof of St Bartholemew’s Hospital in the last episode The Reichenbach Fall, prompting endless speculation amongst fans and the media as to how the stunt was pulled off. The Empty Hearse has become one of the most keenly anticipated 90 minutes of television in recent memory- writer and Sherlock actor Mark Gatiss was tasked with writing the all-important episode.
Back in 2006 and 2007, one of my favourite TV shows was Life On Mars, the retro crime procedural set in the 1970’s, which intertwined elements of science fiction. It was, in turns, dramatic, sad, funny and perplexing, and exhibited a wonderful dynamic between it’s two lead actors, John Simm and Philip Glenister. In the final episode, our hero Sam Tyler found himself unexpectedly back in the present day, and in order to return to the 1970’s world he had come to love, he jumped off the roof of the police station. His successful return to the past brought a very satisfying conclusion to a much-loved series.
Captain Jack Harkness, played with great verve and charisma by John Barrowman, was a character that began life in Doctor Who, and became the central figure in the spin off Torchwood. Jack, a time traveller, had a penchant for surveying Cardiff from the top of tall city buildings, kitted out in his trademark World War II greatcoat. In the episode Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Jack, a man who can’t die, is thrown off a roof by his former lover Captain John Hart, memorably played by James Marsters. Captain Jack had melodramatic revivals throughout the series, and this was just one more instance.
So far we have three miraculous survivals from three plunges- Sherlock Holmes  (I’m sure there’s no spoiler there!), Sam Tyler and Captain Jack Harkness.
The fifth episode of the seventh series of Doctor Who in 2012, saw the final appearance of the Doctor’s two highly-popular companions Amy Pond and Rory Williams. The plot of The Angels Take Manhattan saw the return of the monstrous weeping angels, and in a complex series of events, Rory and Amy jump off the roof of an apartment building in New York City to create a paradox which allows them to defeat the evil angels and eventually live out their lives back in time rather than die- this is Doctor Who, so the normal rules of space and time don’t apply!  It was an emotional ending that fans could live with.
There is, of course, a fifth instance of roof jumping. Spooks spy Lucas North/John Bateman, portrayed by Richard Armitage, took what seemed to be the less culpable way out by throwing himself off a tower roof instead of killing his boss Harry Pearce, after being revealed as a traitor. According to co-star Peter Firth, the Lucas character was always slated to die, and at one point in the script development Harry was to have shot Lucas, so all things considered, I prefer the outcome we were presented with in the end. I appreciate that we didn’t see concrete evidence of Lucas’ demise.
In the end, science fiction plays by it’s own logic, so characters from that genre can survive if the script writer comes up with a reasonably plausible explanation, but poor old Lucas didn’t have that benefit.

I Dream of Lucas North

The best thing about day-dreaming, is that you’re running your own plot. You can cut or change  troublesome facts and events (sometimes you have to day-dream how to rationalize your changes – intentional day-dreaming), you can rely on the Dallas ploy to change canon and or life – it was just a dream.


This is how I feel about the new Spooks film and Lucas North.   The film doesn’t need Lucas North and Richard Armitage doesn’t need to be in this film – probably not even a good idea now.  Any explanation the writers dream up to resurrect Lucas North  will be the butt of jokes if we’re lucky- or incensed anger and feeling of betrayal if it turns out to be ridiculous. And there’s that damn it John Bateman.

But in my fantasy, I just have to make one season disappear, dream that Richard Armitage announces a new role or two, and mentions that he’s also going to spend a few weeks shooting some scenes for  the Spooks film – so billed as something extra, a fun diversion.

And I’ve got just the right new love interest/colleague – my most favorite Elizabeth Bennet in the world, Jennifer Ehle is joining the film. They’d be great together. Fantasy overload – John Thornton and Elizabeth Bennet as a couple. Richard Armitage as Darcy. All sorts of stuff that would be fun for a goof, but not  serious.

Kit Harrington (Game of Thrones) and Jennifer Ehle, to Join New Spooks Film.

Kit Harrington (Game of Thrones) and Jennifer Ehle, to Join New Spooks Film.

Why push for a fantasy that I don’t even want in real life?

Thinking about it feels good.  The anticipation of seeing Lucas North in blue again, in another tough situation, anguishing over something or other . . . it would bring back a simpler time.

Source for Photos:  The Hollywood Reporter Spooks Film -good article.






Johnny- I Hardly Knew Ye –

Sgt. John Porter Courtesy R.A.Net.com

Sgt. John Porter
Courtesy R.A.Net.com

Five days after Richard Armitage tore into my life in a whirlwind, I was scavenging around for more to watch. Having seen all of his Spooks seasons and Robin Hood, I was delighted when I discovered Strike Back. More! There was More- right there on Amazon, practically free to stream. Instant Armitage.

I settled in, and started to stream the episode. It looked good. Good music. There was his name up on the screen. Even in these early days of my fandom, I appreciated the difference between Strike Back and the other shows. This was a promotion. Richard Armitage was the STAR! No more ensemble cast. No more humiliated Guy of Gisborne. No more sharing third billing to two other less compelling (in my view) actors. Two seasons of Richard Armitage, the STAR.  And I was just beginning.

So when three minutes in John Porter was shot in the head, it didn’t bother me a bit. Oh- this is like what happened to Harry on Spooks– it’s not real. It can’t be real- the damned series just started.

I sat there impatiently waiting for the plot to unfold – for  John Porter to reappear.  And he did.  Again and again – he got shot in the head, keeled over, and some guy on the screen rewound the tape and it started again. Rewind, Repeat.

What did I miss? Eventually, I went back to Amazon to see if I’d purchased the wrong episode. No. Long story short- Cinemax lied. This wasn’t the first season- this was the second season. And John Porter wasn’t coming back. This was no Harry Pierce *execution* – this was Danny!

I was deflated. I was pissed. I was back with Guy. But just for a while. A few weeks later the *real* Strike Back arrived and I was as happy as a clam at high tide.


There was Richard Armitage, looking the most gorgeous I had ever seen him. Buff, clean cut, sexy, steamy. And the first two episodes gripped me. (*real* discussion in later posts). He was stunning; his character was multi-dimensional; other characters were good; there was the promise of romance; intrigue; action. Strike Back had it all.

picasion.com_934ff6db4f9df7601f45ff9131bc5ea2 (1)

And then it was over.

I get that The Hobbit was an opportunity that Richard Armitage could not pass up. And in the long run, his taking the role of Thorin Oakenshield will be better for me, as well.  I agree- Armitage had to strike out from  Strike Back to strike through to stardom


But only six hours of John Porter was a promise unfulfilled. There is so much more to be revealed.

John Porter – we hardly got to know ya’.