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Sleepwalker Coming to Amazon Video #RichardArmitage

here from Me and Richard, found by fan, @Running_wilde who has shown some good investigatory skills!

For streaming only, it appears:

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Sleepwalker Review by Sleepy Critic?

here It’s the review from The Hollywood Reporter, and I noticed it had the time posted as 2 a.m. Pacific Time yesterday – so maybe the critic was cranky or overtired. Maybe, like Trump, he likes to get his zingers out in the early hours of the morning. Sad.

Surprised that, with this review, he even relegated it to art house.

Here’s hoping for some more positive opinions to come.

Sleepwalker- Viewers Who Reported Gave High Praise

After one showing in Santa Barbara yesterday, what little feedback there is so far is super positive. From a fan, a fan friend, and a friend of one of the cast.

Can’t wait for some critics’ reviews

Sleepwalker Might be a Sleeper

I mean that in a good way. From this interview with Elliott Lester, the film sounds a lot different from what I was expecting, and maybe more challenging to watch. At only 88 minutes, I wonder why he’s worried audience members will be looking at their watches/phones.

Thanks to RANet.Com and Me and Richard for the lead.