Poldark Episode 1 Gets Panned – But Don’t Believe It


This is a somewhat surprising, unforgiving negative review of Episode I of Poldark by The Telegraph. Their main complaint seemed to be that there wasn’t enough sex to justify the time slot beyond the Watershed. Moreover, the reviewer spent more time reviewing Cornwall than the drama itself.

I especially find the review unforgiving for refusing to recognize that plot and characters need to be set up in the first episodes. How much can be done in 42 minutes? Give it a chance, man.

Side Dishes: Aidan Turner as Poldark. It’s Good

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I predict that BBC’s Poldark, with Aidan Turner is going to be a favorite. It has everything BBC content lovers appreciate: a period piece, a decent story, historical significance and a smoking hot star who is already showing some excellent chemistry with his love interest.

Although this version is much shorter than the previous version, which ran for years, the first episode set up most of the relationships and conflicts without it seeming crammed in.

Aidan Turner is going to do alright in this. My first impression so far, is that In the first episode, Ross Poldark was mostly angry and disappointed over all the loss he suffered while he was away at war. There were a few times when I thought his delivered lines were stilted, but I’m going to blame it on the writing. I found this to be so especially in the dinner scene when he first returns to his uncle’s home and learns that his beloved Elizabeth is to be married to his cousin.

Unlike in the original, I think Poldark’s attraction to Demelza has been ignited rather early – but well, they only have about 6 episodes.

It seems that a number of fans are dissatisfied with Poldark’s war injury”scar.” But hey, I can understand that the director didn’t want to mess up that striking face, so they went for something subtle. For some fun about the scar, read this


Side Dishes: Annabel Capper in a Short Film Version based on Macbeth

Thanks to Micra for sharing this after she spotted it on twitter, posted by Kaprekar.

SIde Dishes: Poldark Trailer with Sexy Aidan Turner

I think we can be certain that ┬áthis time he doesn’t have nothing down his pants.