Side Dishes: Yaël Farber’s Salome, reviewed by The Washington Post



Is anyone planning to see it? I would love to know more.

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Side Dishes & Six Degrees of Separation: Spotted When I Least Expected It ( It was the Voice)

Who? Joe Armstrong (Alan of Dale in Robin Hood

In What? Closer to the Moon  ( also with Mark Strong and Harry Lloyd)

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In What Role? As a Jewish Romanian Partisan Zionist Communist Bank Robber Prisoner in an absurd farce based on a true story.

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“Closer to the Moon,” a fictionalized tale about a weird chapter in Romanian history, tries hard to slap a smiley face on a calamity. In 1959, a group of formerly true-believing Romanian Communists, all Jewish, did the unthinkable when they robbed a branch of the state (and only) bank. They were soon caught, but the story went from curious to crackpot when officials decided that the robbers would portray themselves in a state-produced film titled “Reconstruction,” recreating their gangsta roles with secret meetings, gats and getaway cars. Apparently believing that the state might go easier on them if they cooperated, the robbers played along, all the way through the show-trial end.

Six Degrees of Separation? Joe Armstrong appeared with Richard Armitage in Robin Hood and also in Between the Sheets, although they were never in a scene together. Mark Strong played an equivalent role to Guy of  Gisborne in the Ridley Scott film, Robin Hood,  and, he beat out Richard Armitage for the Best Actor in a Revival Olivier Award this year.

And, P.S., Mark Strong is wearing obvious eyeliner in this film.


Side Dishes: Lee Pace on Twitter 1 year in – Nothing But a Good Experience

here (with credit for photo)

“About a year ago I joined Twitter and recently joined Weibo, and you see the connectivity of this technology; it’s unbelievable how people communicate on it,” he said.

“They communicate in private ways and very public forums, it’s a real kind of revolution and changing force. This is all an evolution of people sending each other messages on these early computers, like the chat rooms that Donna is setting up are the great-great grandfather to Twitter, and I find that really interesting.”

Speaking about talking with his passionate fanbase online, he said: “It’s been nothing but a good experience for me. I find people really supportive and enthusiastic. It’s removed a barrier between me and them that I was happy was gone.

“You depend on the subterfuge of the media, and now you don’t have to. You can send them a good wish or tell them something you’re interested in. If someone follows you, you can click on their page and see a little bit of what they’re about. You don’t get a total picture of someone, but you see what they’re interesting in showing, and you get to eavesdrop a bit on their life, and it’s interesting.”

He seems to be having an easier, breezier time than our guy.

Side Dish: Poldark and Aidan Turner to Get Second Season




Good news for fans of POLDARK, the hit show is set to return for a second series with Aidan Turner back in the lead role, the BBC has confirmed.

The period drama remake, which has proven to be quite the success for the BBC regularly scoring in high ratings has been recommissioned for another eight episodes. The show has helped BBC One record its highest ratings share for the first three months of the year in a decade, pulling in around eight million viewers per episode.

THE HOBBIT star, Turner has won legions of fans as the brooding, but gentile Cornish hero Ross Poldark and it will no doubt please fans to know that he will reprise his titular role and that he will also be joined by Eleanor Tomlinson will continue in her role as Poldark’s beloved Demelza.

Series two will be based on the third and fourth books of Winston Graham’s series set in 18th century Cornwall.

BBC One controller Charlotte Moore said it had been “an outstanding start” to the year.

She said: “We aim to maintain that momentum and continue to move with the times and bring audiences a range of distinctive, high quality programmes that feel relevant and reflect the diversity of modern Britain.”

First airing from 1975-1977, the original Poldark starred Robin Ellis in the eponymous role. The actor, now 73, has also made an appearance in the current series as Reverend Hause.

Side DIsh:’Nice Review of Poldark, Episode 1. Turner – Dark and Brooding. Hmmm. Runs in the Family.


Ahhh. Why is it every actor playing a period drama hero is or isn’t ” the next Mr. Darcy.”