Why Pre-Order? But Anyway, Audible Synopsis of R & J The Novel


Can someone explain what the benefit is to pre-ordering an audio book that is delivered immediately upon purchase, once released?

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Richard Armitage to Narrate Romeo & Juliet: A Novel

This is almost a dream come true. I’ll  get to the almost later. I’ll just say it’s a variation on a dream.

Announced by David Hewson – co-author of Hamlet: A Novel, narrated by Richard Armitage: here

We knew there was a new Richard Armitage audiobook in the works. And @RCArmitage shared a few  R & J lines with Audible.

Romeo and Juliet is not my favorite play by Shakespeare, but I loved the way A.J.Hartley and David Hewson novelized Hamlet and Macbeth,  so I think this will be fun. And having it read by Richard Armitage – well, what could be better? (LOL already thinking  of him as Juliet and the Nurse)

I’m just sorry that A.J. Hartley won’t be involved – because A.J. Hartley. And just a little sorry it isn’t  a different play – but happy as hell it isn’t more Dickens.

So yes, Romeo and Juliet by David Hewson, narrated by Richard Armitage, a variation on a dream – come true.

It’s been one of those days.