LOL – Did Google Translate Just Call BOTFA an Epic Turkey?


I’m pretty sure this is not what the reporter wrote – but Google Translate did a job on it.


LOS ANGELES, January 18 afternoon, produced by Warner Bros. Pictures, opened in 2015 the legendary fantasy masterwork “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies,” starring Richard Armitage arrived in Beijing Capital International Airport, ready to participate in the film The Chinese premiere festival. The atmosphere at the fans to see the highly anticipated “Dwarf King” instant boiling up, Richard Armitage smiled and waved to the fans, for the fans and then patiently autographs, and with a very standard Chinese “Thank you”, continue to respond with enthusiastic fans.

Most people moved, when Richard Armitage enthusiastic fans interact with the scene, the crowd gradually came the song turned out to be “The Hobbit” series appeared in the “Song of the Smokies” , this “dwarf king” who sang songs, and now fans are emotionally chorus together, live singing flying from infected everyone, but also to Richard Armitage conveyed Chinese fans for his friendly and has long been looking forward to.

Produced by Warner Pictures, directed by Peter Jackson, Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen, Richard Armitage, Orlando Bloom, Cate Blanchett’s 2015 blockbuster starring epic – “The Hobbit” movie series finale, “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” will be released nationwide January 23, 2015, Turkey epic “ending the war” started immediately.

@RCArmitage Shoots Back ( with his cell)

Creators and Writers oh TV’s Hannibal Talk About Their Vision of Francis Dolarhyde

HitFix interviews Brian Fuller and Team at ComicCon.  SPOILERS for Seasons 1 and 2.


Thanks to Richardiana for this link.

For Those Who Want To Learn More About FanstRAvaganza History and The Event

Check out Nat’s explanation on The Armitage Fan Blog , which she posted as a comment on Frenz’s recent post about the event. Here are the links to Frenz’s posts on RAFrenzy (1) and (2).

With all the new Richard Armitage fans,  and new Tumblrs and Facebook pages, I’m a little dizzy thinking about the organization for such an event, but I had a lot of fun last year with what was to be the prelude to FanstRA,  I Saw Something Fine, and somehow, Guylty and I were able to maintain a discrete blog linking and posting fan reactions and encounters about The Crucible on The Crucible Experience.

So, this blog will participate, and I’ll continue to link to posts that detail the event and get things organized. And with a little help from my Frenz, maybe I can marshall my inner resources and lame technical ability, and help out with the nuts and bolts.

So, for all you bloggers, fan artists, fanfic writers, and – here’s where I’m going – to those of you who read and comment, and engage in Twitter conversations with some of us, think about participating as guest bloggers or guest posters.

Stay tuned.