Maybe a Little Biased, But a Good Review for Pilgrimage

Found on Me and Richard

Everything written  by New York Irish Arts about this Irish film, is true, though they relegate Richard Armitage to “supporting cast,” which I don’t think is correct. They also got the title wrong – but who cares? It’s a good review.

Perry LOVES Airport Pics

Apparently returning TO New York. So, coming from the West coast?

Thanks to Servetus

Sleepwalker Review by Sleepy Critic?

here It’s the review from The Hollywood Reporter, and I noticed it had the time posted as 2 a.m. Pacific Time yesterday – so maybe the critic was cranky or overtired. Maybe, like Trump, he likes to get his zingers out in the early hours of the morning. Sad.

Surprised that, with this review, he even relegated it to art house.

Here’s hoping for some more positive opinions to come.

Wall Street Journal – #LLLP Should Tfr to Broadway

here Great review.

The Roundabout has missed a trick: “Love, Love, Love” really should have opened on Broadway, and I trust it will transfer there once a theater is free. Yes, it’s gloriously funny, but it’s also an important play, one whose harsh message deserves to be heard far more widely. Regional theaters, take note!

Richard Armitage “Sheer Perfection” as Kenneth

here (CitiTourNY)

Yet, it remains a testament to Armitage and Ryan that it’s almost impossible to hate these two people (much like Amanda and Elyot in “Private Lives”), even when we question or despise their actions.