Armitage Family Has Tough Start to New Year

If “thoughts and prayers” help, then the thousands of them finding their way to Richard Armitage’s family right now should do some good. Mrs. Armitage has been a fan favorite for years, and by all accounts, she’s had a personal hand in transmitting his good wishes and photos to fans. Wishing her quick attention and a quick recovery.

A new #RichardArmitage audio performance to tide us over?

It’s Tuesday!

Parabolic is just the studio. Perhaps this is work for Bolinda, which is an Australian audiobook publisher with a UK branch or subsidiary.



Looks Like More #RichardArmitage in Next Week’s Berlin Station Episode

Well, there could hardly be less.

@RCArmitage – Thanks for the Thanks


@RCArmitage teasing Audible Halloween Surprise

Looks like Poe to me.

@RCArmitage goes Green

@RCArmitage – Castlevania # 1 for Streaming Content