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Pilgrimage full BTS DVD interviews ( I think)

#RichardArmitage on Radio

In Newstalk – The Picture Show. I hope someone tapes it. Here’s the original link

He talks about motivation for Raymond deMerville,  ( questionable, in my view), but also enjoying working on  Ocean’s 8 as a “bull shit artist” villain who’s fun to play. He worked with all the women on the film, and a little bit about My Zoe  where he doesn’t say too muc, except a few words about the failed marriage.

Said he was setting himself up for old age when his face and body goes, with voice work, and also mentioned Love, Love, Love.

All around  good interview that touched on almost all of his recent works.

Oops – fear of water comes up. Hope someone uploads this for all of us.


#RichardArmitage Talks Twitter and #Pilgrimage




I’m not sure what to make of his comments about the Tweet fiasco back when he expressed some opinions and shared some articles on Twitter over Brexit – but I don’t remember that “most” of the commenters criticized him for just being an actor who shouldn’t have shared a political opinion.

There have been times when he used his Twitter as  billboard  – Cybersmile comes to mind and some tweets about appropriate behavior on Twitter. As for me, while I don’t always agree with his opinions, his status as an actor shouldn’t prevent him from expressing political opinions if he wants to. He just needs to be ready for the onslaught.

New #Pilgrimage Clip w/ #RichardArmitage

and Tom Holland as a “trainee monk.”

here Thanks to @Chrissyinwm

( Not the first time that Richard Armitage, as a knight, held a bird.)


Robin Hood, Season 1 Ep. 13. Guy of Gisborne holds one fo the Sheriff’s pet birds

Remember Bridget Cleary? #RichardArmitage

Richard Armitage hasn’t forgotten. I’m guessing, when he said “films like these” that he was referring to small, independent, Irish films, and not super violent ones. From what we’ve heard, Bridget Cleary is both. See here

Was @RCArmitage in Belgium for Pilgrimage? Appears So.