More Getty Images from #LLLPlay Opening Night

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Perry Is Pooped

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As in tired. I apologize for being so late with all the new Richard Armitage pics and news. I tried to keep up, but among planning a home reno project for next week, other personal stuff, the debate,  the election, the #LLLPlay opening night pics, wasted hour for the red carpet, which I knew Richard Armitage could not attend, technical issues, temperamental internet at the worst time, and then the barrage of earlier than expected reviews – I just crapped out. Stuff will start coming – mostly snaffled.

So, a special thanks to Servetus and Me and Richard for keeping up and figuring things out. I’ve given you the general link to Me and Richard, rather than to one specific post, because, ladies, just scroll there to your heart’s content. Also check out some of out stars on Twitter, who manage to capture everything without boring you death with too many editorial detail.

For the record, I like th short jacket this time.