William Shatner Weighs in on Armitage’s Travel Woes

The First ” Ask Armitage” Tweet Question – From Yael Farber


I wonder if ” balls to the wall” fits into the category of keeping it clean?

April 12 – Probably the Next Time We Will See Richard Armitage in Public

So Frenz says she got a birthday present when The Crucible Download was announced this week.

The Olivier Awards take place on April 12. On April 13th, Perry will have  something to celebrate for her birthday as well. If  not the win ( hoping, hoping), then the afterglow of having seen him “liveish” on the red carpet in a tux, and loads of pics.

Richard Armitage – off to a great start for 2015.

The Crucible Olivier Nominations: Best Revival: The Crucible; Best Actor Richard Armitage

Like many, I am disappointed that Yaël Farber was not nominated for Best Director along with Richard Armitage and the entire production itself for The Crucible. I never really understand how these things happen, as without great direction, it’s difficult to understand how you can have “best play and a “best actor.” But these things do happen, and it was a very competitive field.

For now, I am going to bask in the aura of RIchard Armitage’s glory for attaining what this far in his career, is the greatest, highest, most prestigious recognition he’s achieved. 100774