Side Dishes: Lee Pace on Twitter 1 year in – Nothing But a Good Experience

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“About a year ago I joined Twitter and recently joined Weibo, and you see the connectivity of this technology; it’s unbelievable how people communicate on it,” he said.

“They communicate in private ways and very public forums, it’s a real kind of revolution and changing force. This is all an evolution of people sending each other messages on these early computers, like the chat rooms that Donna is setting up are the great-great grandfather to Twitter, and I find that really interesting.”

Speaking about talking with his passionate fanbase online, he said: “It’s been nothing but a good experience for me. I find people really supportive and enthusiastic. It’s removed a barrier between me and them that I was happy was gone.

“You depend on the subterfuge of the media, and now you don’t have to. You can send them a good wish or tell them something you’re interested in. If someone follows you, you can click on their page and see a little bit of what they’re about. You don’t get a total picture of someone, but you see what they’re interesting in showing, and you get to eavesdrop a bit on their life, and it’s interesting.”

He seems to be having an easier, breezier time than our guy.

#BlogIntroChallenge Part 5

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5. What is your most viewed post?

The answer to this question can set me on a rampage. If you’ve read the third installment of this series, and the work that can go into some posts, then it’s easy to understand why.

I can’t give you the exact number of views because of the way my blog is set up – that is, you can access recent posts just by signing on the the site, and views for doing that come under home page. This particular post would not require clicking on any link to see the post. So, There are probably more hits than I can record. In addition, for some reason my stats also give me views on unknown posts and I have no idea what that means. If there is some other way to capture the true statistic, I don’t know it.

You can write your heart out and spend hours or days on a post that hardly anyone reads, and then something like this garners, without taking the home page stats into consideration,  8, 129 hits – almost 7,000 on the first day, and after today, that number will rise. So, here it is: The-duo-spotted-in-washington-square-really-bad-shoes


The Undeniable

It’s the end of the year, and some Armitage bloggers have been posting their statistics, including most viewed posts.

For example here on Me and Richard, the most viewed post was about the Lee Pace/Richard Armitage Ship.

Funny she should say that. On this blog, the most viewed post was this: Duo Spotted in Washington Square Park  really bad shoes. ( BTW – those “really bad shoes” are rampant here where I live in Mexico.)

My third most viewed post was this one, a photo of Lee Pace attending The Crucible The original tweet was deleted, but hey, who didn’t see that picture?

( Second highest views was the first part of my experience at Pinter/Proust watching Richard Armitage on stage, and off).

So, what is undeniable? No, not the ship. From an outsider’s  perspective, there’s still no direct evidence. Factually, it’s still circumstantial – powerfully circumstantial, such that one can reasonable infer the fact, but circumstantial, none the less.

No. What is undeniable is  that there’s a huge audience out there for any and all information about this particular ship. And I’m wondering if the interest will dissipate the more we see?

And if this is real, what does this say about Richard Armitage aside from the obvious?  It says, he’s like most men, he likes youth and beauty. Okay, and some talent.

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Lee Pace On the Plaza ( At Today Show)