Fixing John Porter

This video, Fix You, by BeeCee is a great companion piece to the first episode of Strike Back: Origins shown last night on Cinemax.

Reviews of Strike Back Origins – “He’s Terrific In It”

Yesterday, The New York Times published a review of Strike Back Origins which was  discussed on MeandRichard, While the reviewer, Mike Hale, didn’t pan the show or its star, Richard Armitage, his opinion was that the American version currently on Cinemax was a better show – as it was “livelier and less heavy- handed.sbredeye

As of now, You won’t find that review anywhere but on the New York Times Website.

The New York Daily News also  reviewed Strike Back: Origins, giving it four stars, with the headline, A British prequel to Cinemax action-fest, starring Andrew Lincoln and Orla Brady, gives the story sharp new twists, and in the body of the review  “ it turns out the original British “Strike Back” series has a bit less blood, profanity and flesh than the subsequent version that has been roaring across late-night Cinemax the last three years. That said, it may be an even better TV series.”  

This is the review you will find on numerous websites today including News hour 24 ,News RT, The Daily News Report, World Top News Today and  more.  It’s not surprising that these online news sites have a Daily News feed or check it out on line, because though the The New York Times is the paper with the second highest weekday circulation after The Wall Street Journal,   The Daily News  is the fifth highest – coming in ahead of the New York Post as well as The Washington Post and the Chicago Times.

Also cited in Me and Richard was review of Strike Back from The RedEye  Chicago. The reviewer said, These episodes bear only a few similarities to the show we’ve been watching in the U.S., which isn’t a bad thing. The first two episodes feel more like a star vehicle for Armitage, which again isn’t a bad thing. He’s great in it.

Richard Armitage was already a favorite with RedEye . . .  who knew that  “Armitage was the first ever winner of RedEye’s Best TV Character contest in the early 00s for his role as Guy of Gisbourne in Robin Hood.” 

So far, the result is some of what I and others predicted – that lovers of the current show won’t like Origins as much, as well as some of what we hoped – that the show would appeal to a non-Cinemax audience and that Richard Armitage’s performance would be well-received.  Fingers Crossed.

[ETA] Nice review on Hitfix “Origins” is the more psychologically complex show, and feels slightly more realistic, even though Porter escapes certain death on numerous occasions”.

Oldie But Goodie to Get in the Mood for Richard Armitage Interview Tomorrow on Cinemax

If you haven’t seen this video, you’re in for a treat.  It was shot alongside some other promotional photos for Strike Back, and surfaced in 2012.  Servetus published a not-to-be-missed analysis of Richard Armitage’s  gritty performance on me and Richard. (Trust me, the analysis is as much of a goodie as the video).

Just a reminder that the recent Richard Armitage interview promised here is supposed to air tomorrow, Friday, October 18th  before or after the season finale of Strike Back.


There is also a question and answer session with the two stars, Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton – I think one of those 60 second Max interviews we saw Richard Armitage do with Martin Freeman- so I’m not sure where the Armitage interview will fit in. Strike Back is shown with no commercial interruptions.

In case you need to watch the episode in order to see  the Armitage Interview – here’s what’s happening: The final episode begins as Scott and Stonebridge are  still looking for Al-Zuhari, ( the terrorist responsible for John Porter’s death). A CIA undercover agent of dubious loyalty working with Section 20 all season,  Leo Kamali, was executed the same way as Porter- bullet to the head shown on a streaming video. While trying to protect Kamali’s teen-aged daughter, Scott and a Stonebridge are lured into a trap – surprise, Kamali is alive – and he’s Al-Zuhari’s top lieutenant.  That’s where it will  pick up.

Next week,  John Porter is back.

Richard Armitage Interviews – Answers Trickle Down

In August, Richard Armitage participated in an interview with Orlando Bloom, Bloom’s dog,  and @KoolKiwis.

Since then we learned that what Richard missed most about New Zealand was “pinot,” that he would have loved to play Batman, and today we learned something else:

Sounds right to me.  I would call it   an interview of  “substance.” Actually, these were fan questions, and good work, Richard, in coming up with a new answer to a question you’ve heard before.

Things are heating up and it looks like we’ll be getting a regular diet of information.  Interviews are also scheduled for tomorrow in New York, the trailer is out, I saw for myself  two TV spots for DOS – and I’m hitting the streets tomorrow to  search  for posters in NYC bus shelters.

And this only applies to The Hobbit. Strike Back on Cinemax is just around the corner, and an interview with “John Porter” is promised for Friday, October 18 during the Strike Back season finale. There’s also a new and lengthy trailer running on Cinemax right now, with scenes from all 6 episodes of what is being called Strike Back-Origins.

Finally, after another NYC interview with Juliet Izon, hints were given that we might be hearing about exciting new projects soon.

Let the games begin.

Richard Armitage Interviewed for Strike Back on Cinemax


Friday, October 18 should be the date. Just got my Cinemax turned on today, in time to see the extended trailer.

What Have You Done For Me Lately, Peter Jackson?

The One has further substantiated earlier conclusions that the new DOS trailer is imminent, and best guesses are it will be a trailer on the big screen if one goes to see Gravity with George Clooney and Sandra Bullock.  I could sit through 2  hours of George Clooney for 2.24 minutes of Richard Armitage ( less really) – then I can finally say, “I saw Richard Armitage on the Big Screen”.

But wait, there’s more,


As it happens, the page provided by The One Ring. Net also lists other trailers approved for release, and if you notice- there is one for Disney’s Frozen, also the title of the first movie Richard Armitage was in. ( It was a real movie and it played in places – where – I’m not so sure ) Check out this insightful, non-spoiler, review by MorrighansMuse on her blog lovesexandotherdirtywords.

So, I have this vision, 5 years into the future, some unwitting parents are going to get  a surprise. They’ll order from Amazon, the DVD or BlueRay -or by then who knows what – of  Disney’s Frozen, and instead they’ll receive a film set in an even colder world, causing distress and confusion.  I like to call this the Cinemax Cindrome , first encountered by me and other fans when we bought “Strike Back Season 1” which was really Season 2 and all sorts of other deceptive practices were in play. BTW – Cinemax is making it up to us;  “Strike Back -Origins” the real one with John Porter, will be airing On October 25, in the US on Cinemax.

So I wonder, will an entire new generation of Armitage fans be writing,  “I opened the wrong, DVD, I started to watch, I saw this guy on the screen sitting at an empty desk, and the rest  is history?”

OK – DOS Trailer, check , Strike Back coming to  U.S. TV – check,  Mention,  MMs review of Frozen ( and see the film) check, make slight joke about two films having the same name, check,  hmmm. something’s missing.

 Peter Jackson – Where’s the final DOS Production   Vlog?? Can’t we get even an ETA?

Latest “Strike Back” Media Blitz Highlights Richard Armitage

Digital Spy gets it right. The announcement of Cinemax’s decision to air “Strike Back’ (Origins) features Richard Armitage’s name AND a neat trailer. This is exactly what’s needed to broaden the potential audience for SB beyond the current demographic.


The current season of “Strike Back” on Cinemax ends in around 6 weeks. Let’s hope they pull out all the stops on promoting Richard Armitage. This is a good time to start posting that great Vimeo Pre-production video. Hint Hint.