Sling TV Berlin Station Interview – Includes Twitter Discussion

How interesting that Michelle Forbes seems in favor of whistleblowing and publishing, but when talking about Twitter – she talks about privacy – but about that, she says some OK things. Strange thing to think that there are strangers in your life.

As to Richard Armitage, he checks in all the time, he thinks of it as a tool to promote his work and his charity, ( as I have said) a way to promote charities, and to say thanks.

Richard Armitage actually uses Sling TV to watch EPIX.

WTF is he doing with his hands?

Chuckles – #RichardArmitage vid Men in Blazers (Sports Show)


Discusses his American accent in Berlin Station, and just a bit more. They know his home town.

No #RichardArmitage Press Tour Complete w/o a Bathroom Joke



Q: What was the most challenging part of the production?

It’s always a physical thing, I think. You know, I love the challenge of a very complicated psychological scene, or a very emotional scene. I never find that difficult. It’s usually a physical challenge and on this one there was a day when we were shooting flashbacks to Chechnya in the late nineties and we were shooting close to the border of Poland. It was minus fourteen outside. We arrived at four in-the-morning and I was desperate for the bathroom, and all of the toilets were frozen. So, I had to go around the back of a shed, which was…you know, pee, in the snow, in minus fourteen, which was a little bit uncomfortable.

Anthem Mag. + #RichardArmitage + Great Photo Shoot


Photo Credit: Reto Sterchi

Yikes! Now we know he auditioned for the role of Pennywise in the adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, It

Oops – there’s that spoiler again:

Were you the first person on the ensemble to sign on?

No. But I had this script for a while. I had been sniffing around some of the other characters, actually. I looked at Hector first [now played by Rhys Ifans]. They got Richard Jenkins first, I think, before Rhys and Michelle Forbes came on. I think I was the fourth one to the party. Of course when you see that cast come together, you sign on the dotted line. Who doesn’t want to be in a scene with Rhys or Richard or Michelle? It’s one of the things that I loved so much about it. It’s a cast of over-forty year olds. We really like each other. There’s real chemistry between all the characters and so much potential to come back and do it all over again. I hope we’re lucky enough to get a second season. It would be really exciting to go back to Berlin with these people.

Or maybe not:

The Man in the High Castle didn’t get green-lit for two until well after season one ended.

I’m optimistic. But I don’t know if Daniel will make it to season two because we shot two endings. I don’t know how this will end. But the potential is there. They’re putting fuel in the tank.

Discussing Lucas vs. Daniel, and More #RichardArmitage

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This is a long interview, so a lot was not edited out IMO. Once again, I think it may give too much away, but if they don’t care, I don’t care. I think EPIX and Berlin Station made a wis choice to release the first four episodes to the press instead of just the first two we saw.