Another New Interview -Mentions N & S

Thanks again to @Mooseturds. This is a good interview. Deflects question about musical theater. Talks about season 2 and how he’s preparing by following the political news.

Television is not a step down from movies any more. Creatives on the show crosses over between movie and TV.

Interviewer: I hope to see you on stage very soon.

RA:                  G-d bless you. You probably will.

“I’m gonna be back on stage next year, possibly.” #RichardArmitage

At the very end – some talk about Ocean’s 8, and then . . .

Damn – can he just hint at which city, so I can start a travel fund?

Thanks again to @mooseturnds, who has found all these interviews. nd they seem to just keep coming. Big push for BS on I-Tunes. Also interesting that he’s the only cast member promoting it right now.

#RichardArmitage -Video/Interview/PhotoShoot



Charming. With reservations. I found it here on Me and Richard . She’s got the You Tube version right up top.

My reservations: I don’t like the turtle neck with the jacket; the lighting ( not his fault) that they’re using for the stills, makes him look a little vampire-ish; his eyebrows look very metrosexual. Very minor criticisms. I expect to see some great screen shots from fans.

So, today, he likes the truth and the best acting advice he ever got was from Kevin Spacey who told him, paraphrasing, don’t suck up to people just get to something from them.

Very timely, considering an irritation for me in the fandom these last few days.

Here’s a link for info on The Jane Hotel.



#RichardArmitage Photo- Reminds Me of Young Stunning Alec Baldwin


Saw this on Me and Richard – check there for the link to the article. Amusing that he is deemed a fresh face, especially if you’ve seen or read #LLLPlay – or read Servetus’s detailed descriptions of Act II.


#RichardArmitage #LLLPlay Interview



That old photo again – but plenty of #LLLPlay images, too.


I didn’t realize before that this montage gives me a better view of #RichardArmitage during the cake eating scene than I had during the three performances I attended. Also, not sure I buy that he hasn’t this kind of fun and laughing while working before based on his Berlin Station interviews and tweets.

An excerpt about the stage door experience, from the actor’s point of view:

I’d imagine you get a lot of action at the stage door. Is that something you enjoy or have just learned to deal with at this point in your career?

Yeah, you do learn to deal with it. [Laughs] I always say to myself, whatever it takes to get someone to buy a ticket to come to the theater. Audiences are growing older and we’re hoping to get younger people into the theater, so whatever it takes. If people come to see the show, great. If they’re less bothered about the show and more bothered about the selfie at the stage door, it doesn’t matter to me as long as they’re coming. You know, we’ve had people come from far and wide, which is great. It sort of helps the Roundabout creative and those programs and the global marketplace. Everyone always comes through New York, it’s a great destination. If on their whistle stop tour of the Empire State Building and then seeing something at the Roundabout Theatre becomes part of the tour, then I think that’s a good thing.

Broadway World Video Interview, #LLLPlay

here  All cast and creative interviews. And how Richard Armitage got involved.

Thanks to Servetus, who received the tip from Julia