Remember Bridget Cleary? #RichardArmitage

Richard Armitage hasn’t forgotten. I’m guessing, when he said “films like these” that he was referring to small, independent, Irish films, and not super violent ones. From what we’ve heard, Bridget Cleary is both. See here

Bridget Cleary: Looks Like They Have Everything But the Film

A little info here from Me and Richard

Why does the reference to ITunes  and Imovie intrigue me? Good music? A streaming site? Hmmm.


Bridget Cleary ( with Richard Armitage) Scheduled to Shoot Next Year

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So – what’s Richard Armitage going to be doing for a year?

Thanks to my friend Micra for the tip.

New Projects: More Witches ( or Faeries) for Richard Armitage

KatharineD found this link for a modern film, drawing on the story of Bridget Cleary. The film is called Waking the Witch, and a video is available on the site.

New Projects: Who was Bridget Cleary?

Some information can be found here (with audio podcast)

A grisly story about the torture and murder of Bridget Cleary in Tipperary in 1895, whose husband believed her to be a witch or possessed by the fairies. (First broadcast 1995)

Part if a documentary here

and here

New Projects: Richard Armitage’s “Irish” Project is Identified

here , a screenplay by Anne Marie Casey, adapted from a book by Angela Bourke.

2015 – BRIDGET CLEARY, a feature film adaptation of the book by Angela Bourke. Producer, Wildfire Films, Director, Jim O’Hanlon, starring Richard Armitage.

Micra picked this up from a tweet by @Chrissyinwm