So Much Better Than a Selfie

When I first looked at this quickly, I wondered why a giant was sent to pick up Richard Armitage.

Perry LOVES Airport Pics

Apparently returning TO New York. So, coming from the West coast?

Thanks to Servetus

Why LLLPlay at RTC Was Big

Pilgrimage to be shown in Viewpoints Category at Tribeca FF.

here   This is not one of the competition categories.

Encompassing documentaries, narratives, and hybrid work, American and international films, first time filmmakers and Oscar nominees, Viewpoints is Tribeca’s home for bold directorial visions, underrepresented perspectives, and innovative style.

Side Dishes: Quantum Meruit – Leland Orser Sued by Mgr.


The allegations of the complaint hit a little below the belt, but aren’t unusual : Loyal mgr helped him and stood by him during difficult points in his career – got dumped when he reached  his goals. ( Two series – Ray Donovan and Berlin Station).

What  is unusual is that there seems to have been no written agreement for 11 years. In some states, there is what’s called a Statute of Frauds  which requires that a contract for more than one year, must be in writing to be enforceable.

So, it is possible that the plaintiff cannot win on  breach of contract claim for an oral agreement that stretches back a full 11 years.

What she may be entitled to is quantum meruit, an equitable, not a legal theory of relief. She would be entitled to the value of her services, which is a question of fact. I think that might be  difficult figure for a talent manager.  It doesn’t seem like she found the roles, as an agent might have.

Stay tuned.