Perry Finds Wolverine Ep.2 #RichardArmitage

NO SPOILERS ( I’m giving fans a few days to catch up and listen to it)

Continued from here. Okay then. Another 32 minutes, and lots of Logan/Wolverine.

Just for a little more background, this story incorporates the trope of federal investigators vs. local cops. The female fed (Agent Pierce) is a hard-ass, professional no nonsense agent; her partner (Agent Marshall) is nondescript. They’re working with local cops, including a wet-behind the ears newbee. The feds are in it because of the deaths on the boat, which was in federal waters. The locals are looking into the murder of two local woman, with hints that they were killed by bears – which is quite rare.

The story is mostly told through conversations among the cops, fed and local, detailing their investigation – which then morphs into flashbacks, where the scenes are acted in the present tense by other actors. [ETA] After writing this, I read the director’s interview (Brendon P. Baker)linked by Servetus here , and he explains the method of story-telling better than I.

There is, as I mentioned earlier, some cult in the area They call themselves  The Aurora, whose leader is forecasting The Long Night. We learn more about it, and it has something to do with death and may draw on Good Night Moon, a favorite children’s book)

As I mentioned, Logan is an immediate suspect because of Capt. Washburn’s story about the overboard fisherman, as well as some other info gleaned from witnesses who have encountered him or seen strange things in the woods. On the other hand, Logan has some supporters ( with little or no clout), and there hints that let the listener know that Logan is not a pure evil creature.

The agents find and toss Logan’s house and find a letter he wrote to a lover in New Orleans, but didn’t send. This letter, read in Logan’s voice (Richard Armitage) gives us more background to who/what Logan is, i.e part of his origin story – that he’s a superhuman (mutant) who escaped from Weapon X and how he came to be in Alaska.

I don’t want to say more about the plot because of spoilers. So far, it’s a good mystery. I wish they’d lay off how short Logan is ( 26″ inseam) but I’m working on it.

I think Richard Armitage is doing well with his sort of western accent ( still has the intrusive r at the end of words typical of Brits doing American) – but a good job  in a low, gravelly voice.

Overall, I’m finding this podcast series entertaining and gripping.  I think I’m in for a mini treat once a week – though again, I would rather binge).










Perry’s SPOILER FREE First Take on Wolverine TLN #RichardArmitage

Finally got it on Stitcher – more about that below.

Wolverine: The Long Night is a recurring podcast on Stitcher Radio, with only Episode 1 released, at 29 minutes.

There are a number of mysterious deaths in a small fishing town, Burns Alaska, which federal agents arrive to investigate. Some of the deaths are blamed on bears, but not all. A crew of fisherman were found dead on their boat, and the captain is missing.

Before much happens, we learn about some radio broadcasts ( we actually hear one) from unknown people, warning of The Long Night coming to Burns. ( Winter is Coming?) This cult or group is foreshadowing something to come – we’ll see.

The cops find the captain ( Washburn) and he’s interviewed.  He missed work that day, so he escaped death and also didn’t know  his men had been murdered, but he  has a terrible story to tell.   A man fell overboard off the fishing boat when his arm got caught in a trap. Definitely a death sentence, he says.  The “new guy” goes in to find the victim, but he isn’t so heroic, in fact – as reported, he’s almost superhuman and quite violent. He “scowled uglier than you’ve ever seen.” But he did save the other guy’s life, with some necessary damage.

It’s not until we hear the story of the sea rescue from Washburn that we hear Richard Armitage as Logan ( Wolverine). One sentence in 29 minutes. Disappointing? Not really we have 6 1/2 hours to go. I’d rather have a binge listen, but this’ll work.

I think the acting is good and there aren’t as many audio distractions as I found in The The Martian Invasion of Earth.

There’s an issue I have to overcome here, and that’s the physical description of Logan/Wolverine. I know how Washburn describes him, is canon. Logan is short, wide and hairy – something Marvel decided to dispense with when they cast 6’2″  hunk,Hugh Jackman, in the role. So my issue is, while listening, I imagine Logan/Richard Armitage looking something like his John Proctor and/ Francis Dolarhyde. I even detected a teeny little lisp in his one line. So, I’m taking the Marvel approach – my Wolverine is tall, dark and ruggedly handsome – maybe a little hairy.

I’m looking forward to the second episode. This is going to be entertaining, and a boatload of fun listening to Richard Armitage in this.

Re Stitcher Premium: I still can;t get it to play on my laptop even though everything is downloaded, but it worked fine on my phone. I used ear phones.

OH WOW! As I was writing, Episode 2 came on. See ya later with some more detail.

Met a Fellow #RichardArmitage Fan – In my House

Just today, I rehung my posters of Richard Armitage from The Crucible ( gifted to me by my friend Micra) and a poster as Thorin. The leader of the team of the hard-working women ( two sisters and a mom, with some help from a dad for other jobs) who clean my house came over today for some business. I don’t see that much of Ana anymore because she quit the housekeeper business ( she’s still the contact person), and is now teaching what we would consider middle school, two small towns over.

She saw the two posters and stopped dead in her tracks! OMG! I love him!. I asked her whether she meant Thorin, The Hobbit or Richard Armitage – yup, it was Richard Armitage himself. She’s a fan. And funnily, she never noticed nor commented on the framed photo I have of him ( gifted by Guylty from the Berlin premiere of DOS).

“He’s beautiful,” she said. Yup.


Hidden Message brings relief from @RCArmitage in IWD


Armitage Around

It seems like everywhere I turn . . .
Josh Whitehouse as Lt. Hugh Armitage in Poldark (pronounced like Richard Armitage).


Get Out – A whole family of them, pronounced  by different characters as both Armi-taj and Armitidge.

iget outmages (11)

And  on  TV’s Young Sheldoniain armitageimages (11)Iain Armitage, pronounced, according to the interviewer in a clip I saw, same as Richard Armitage.  Just sayin’, as I watch Get Out in the background, but think I have to turn it off, because it’s scaring me. Got more? Let me know.


Fun Video Interview Damaged-Not Damaged

Thanks to RABulgaria


New Project w/ Audible – Narrating With Female Again


here    I like Emilia Fox in Silent Witness. Not known yet whether they will be narrating together or each taking individual stories. But if together, it will be interesting to compare with his work in Wanderlust.