The Atlantic on Claude’s Plot in Ocean’s 8 #RichardArmitage

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FYI – Armitage is the name of the family in the film Get Out

The Sweet Revenge of Ocean’s 8


#RichardArmitage Gets a New Black Tee

New Projects: #RichardArmitage to Narrate a Philippa Gregory Novel

here She seems to be saying that to start, the collection is for UK only.

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Nasty P/T EW Person Hopes to Quiet Things Down

Image from  Servetus, because I’ve been blocked by Schwartz and I can’t locate the Reblog button on Me and Richard. Check out my comments and the discussion there , but feel free to drop a line here. Dana Schwartz is not going to be sorry for thinking someone else should have been cast as Claude Becker, there should  have been a big name, but she may regret saying  that Richard Armitage is a no-name. I think she may now have caved on “forgettable.”

@RCArmitage Responds to Nasty P/T EW Person

For those of you not in the following, a tweeter and contributor  for EW entertainment, @DanaSchwartzzz, was rude about Richard Armitage and his role in Ocean’s 8. There was a lot of back and forth among and between fans and Schwartz over the weekend. She referred to him as a no name, and a few other unkind descriptions as she responded to hurt and angry fans, and then began to diss fans and the fandom. She backed off a little.

My preference would have been  for him to ignore it publicly, rather than apologize. He did what he could with the role, the lack of screen time with his opposite, Sandra Bullock and the failure of the writers to better define their past relationship in the plot. He can play anything, anyway, as we know, so I imagine the director wanted a mealy sort of character.

So, I think he’s wrong. I don’t see that Damien Lewis is an A-lister, with some good television credits, but no real film credits. I guess with the success of Homeland and Billions,  he might have been of a household word currently, but check out his credits and see what you think. He’s done a lot of TV.

If there’s a response from her, let me know. She blocked me, although I never directly challenged her.

@RCArmitage – Ear to the Ground?