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Daniel Miller at his kitchen table desk. Berlin Station (partial teaser)


HANNIBAL -- "The Great Red Dragon" Episode 308 -- Pictured: Richard Armitage as Francis Dolarhyde -- (Photo by: Brooke Palmer/NBC)

HANNIBAL — “The Great Red Dragon” Episode 308 — Pictured: Richard Armitage as Francis Dolarhyde — (Photo by: Brooke Palmer/NBC)

Source RichardArmitageCentral

Lucas North at his desk. Spooks/MI5, S. 8 E. 2 Source RichardArmitageCentral


John Porter using a conference table as his desk. Strike Back, S. 1 Ep.1 Courtesy of RichardArmitage Central

 LIke Mnay of us, the kitchen table. Richard Armitage as Gary Fuller in Into the Storm. Source:RACentral

Like many of us, the kitchen table. Richard Armitage as Gary Fuller in Into the Storm. Source:RACentral

Richard Armitage as Dr. Joel White, Sleepwalker, at his really neat desk. Elliott Lester

Richard Armitage as Dr. Joel White, Sleepwalker, at his really neat desk. Elliott Lester



You know who 

The Best Thing about Tonight’s Hannibal – The Strike Back Guys Are Hitting NBC, One by One.

I had a really difficult time watching tonight’s episode – until the end. The fight was good – but what are these people thinking? Pazzi walked right into it ( and I liked him). Mason Verger – is it possible to be more of a pig this season than last? Jack Crawford – has his chance and doesn’t finish Hannibal off? Is Hannibal even killable?

But I found the commercials Okay.

in a strange coincidence, in the same order as they appeared in Strike Back, the new and the old (origins and T & A).

Look who’s coming to NBC, one first, and two together:


Richard Armitage  in Hannibal (The late John Porter in Strike Back)

THE PLAYER -- "Pilot" -- Pictured: Philip Winchester as Alex King -- (Photo by: David Becker/NBC)

THE PLAYER — “Pilot” — Pictured: Philip Winchester as Alex King — (Photo by: David Becker/NBC)

Philip Winchester,  in The Player (of late, in Strike Back)

BLINDSPOT -- "Pilot" --Pictured:(l-r) Jamie Alexander as Jane Doe, Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller -- (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

BLINDSPOT — “Pilot” –Pictured:(l-r) Jamie Alexander as Jane Doe, Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

Sullivan Stapleton in Blindspot (of late, in Strike Back)

Sigh. And guess which one dies first?

Johnny’d B Good Again – though he might be Johnny Angel

Thanks to VioletsFrameWorkblog for finding this Examiner ArticleScreen Shot 2015-06-02 at 3.49.22 PM

Perry didn’t get enough John Porter, yet,  how likely is it that (a) this new Chris Ryan book would make it to film or TV ( Okay – maybe very likely) or (b) that Richard Armitage would want to reprise his role, even if he could? Not as likely. I think maybe he’s moved on, though he’d have a hard time justifying his rejection of the role based on violence.

Still, a stint on a popular American Cable TV show, even Starz, is good exposure – but if it were in the same mold as the current version – not so sure he’s in that place anymore. And, they already did a Strike Back Origins ( our original Strike Back).

It must be a prequel.  It would be difficult to raise John Porter from the dead considering his end, and what seemed convincing evidence that just about everyone who knew him, believed the execution to be real . Would an undamaged John Porter be as complex as the damaged version?

I can dream that there’ll be a version as good as the first one, and that my John Porter gets dusted off, dons his uniform, and is brought back to me.

I can  dream that dream, and this one, too.

Strike Back Makes it to Austria

Thanks to RACentral and RANet for retweeting this. Here’s hoping some Austrian fan provides a scan or translation. ( I know there is that one lovely fan who made it on the the RA Valentine Video.)

I’m wondering why Martin Freeman’s photo is there? Is Austria getting Sherlock as well?

And, is it at all possible to squeeZe in a reference to the letter Z for the Blogging A to Z Challenge?

Yes – speaking of Austria, Zell Am See, one of the Austrian ski towns, where I had the weirdest experience of skiing half-way down a mountain, shedding my ski gear to sun myself in a chaise while drinking gløgg, and then continuing down the mountain. And, where, no matter what I ordered off a menu, pot roast showed up.

And then there’s Zaragoza – a street nearby to where I now live, (or as some say ” by me” ) known for its colorful building facades. This one is where I bought mis zapatos

And Zuppa di vongole, one of my Jewish mother’s best dishes ( and mine isn’t bad either) –

zuppaimagesSo far, no vongole ( las almejas) to be seen here in Mexico – hard to believe with the Pacific Ocean so close by). I guess I’m not looking in the right places – but I love to grill clams and then top them with garlic,parsley,butter bread crumbs, or serve them atop linguine in a zesty lemon/wine sauce.

And so, ends the A to Z Blogging Challenge. I had a blast, and once again, I apologize for falling short on checking out other blogs. Next year, I’ll follow the rules more zealously.

So Simple After All, and a little Silly.

S I’ve fallen a little behind in the A to Z blogging challenge – too bad this didn’t happen around ” elemeno – p” when I could have combined a few letters. No – instead it’s come around the letters enunciated more slowly in the alphabet song.

The Song

I did write a post for “S,” that I have since scrapped. I’ll just tell you it was about John Hamm’s little Hamm, orschlong as I felt compelled to call it, since “S” was the letter of the day. I’ll leave it at that. Scrapping it was probably a good idea after all, but I did have an “S” related point and it did refer to Richard Armitage and a certain oft published Guy of Gisborne image. You all know the one.

Today, I wonder how I had trouble with “S” at all? Spooks, Standring, Sparkhouse, Storm, Smaug, What was I not thinking? Why  was  not thinking?

I could easily have discussed the success I’m enjoying, retrieving my long lost Spanish here in Ajijic. Mostly everything is still happening in the present tense, but I have found a way around that for now, and I’m doing just fine. I bought shoes in Spanish, complete with discussions of which styles looked better on me and when he would be getting some new stock in. Truth is, I have yet to have one conversation in Spanish that was not ultimately understood by both sides.

Oh yes, one last thing:



P Before I moved into my more permanent ( but not the permanent ) house here in Mexico, I had a beautiful apartment in town, close to the water. One of my landlords  who lived over the wall  in the apartment next door taught me that a good way to spend the later afternoon was on the patio with my laptop.
He had a great set-up, too, with a desk at the back of his patio where he spent most of the day on line, handling business, communicating with his family in the states, and when he had a chance, watching DVDs – bootlegs are so easy to find in Mexico.

But I was pretty sure that Strike Back would not be among the DVDs he could find. Moreover, at the urging of his wife, my other landlord, I actually did the unthinkable – I gave her a link to Armitage Agonistes, along with some of my favorite posts. There were some of the earliest posts, some of the, ahem, literary posts, a fair sprinkling of Pinter/Proust, two OT posts Rising Rising, Risen and this one. And I threw in one or two that I thought were humorous – and of course, a bit of squee, so this,



After I sent the links, I was sorry I neglected to include this and this.

Mr. B and Ms. C are the only two people in my RL who can link me to this blog. When Ms. C asked, I couldn’t say no – because she never said no to me, not once during my stay there and the kindness of both these people bowled me over.  Learning ( from me of course) that it was my birthday last Sunday, and there  I was, away from family and friends, they invited me to join a group of friends who were also celebrating some April birthdays.  It gave me a chance to meet some people right away.  and also, well it didn’t matter so much anymore if I disclosed I was a fangirl ( a term Sra. C never heard). I had a lot of  ‘splainin’ to do. And she listened, somewhat bemused.

I should also say that I spent my first Passover in Mexico ( speaking of P) at a seder sponsored by the synagogue. I was shocked and delighted when course after course was exactly as it was supposed to be – in fact, I had some of the best chopped liver ever – and as I always say, if there’s brisket, I’m in.

Anyway, I gave Mr. B my Strike Back DVD to watch . Yup I introduced him to John Porter – and guess what – Richard Armitage has a new fan,  and while I don’t think Mr. B. will be following this blog anytime soon, I’m going to make every attempt to get him to see Into the Storm with me when it opens here – and that will be, I’m sorry to say – over a month later than in the US and UK.  True. Now I’ll be like those other Armitage fans who are pissing and moaning because we can’t join in the discussion an hour after the film ends. It’s not like I haven’t considered a “quick hop” to LA – just three hours away – but it isn’t practical because I have to travel in October, and anyway, how would I explain to my nephew – where I would crash, that I left Mexico to see a tornado movie?

I can only remember fondly the night of December 12 when I bundled up in 12 degree weather and walked a block and half to my local theater to watch the midnight showing of DOS, and was writing about it 10 minutes after the film ended. This New Yorker  ex-pat is going to have to learn patience.

Gee, there are a lot of good words and names for the letter in the Blogging A to Z April Challenge, – but sometimes, and this may still be the altitude hitting me at 5,000 feet above sea level, but sometimes, I just forget the obvious. I may not be a New Yorker anymore, but I’m still Perry–Period.

Mr. B – I thought you would like this.