Why LLLPlay at RTC Was Big

Sleepwalker- Viewers Who Reported Gave High Praise

After one showing in Santa Barbara yesterday, what little feedback there is so far is super positive. From a fan, a fan friend, and a friend of one of the cast.

Can’t wait for some critics’ reviews

Wall Street Journal – #LLLP Should Tfr to Broadway

here Great review.

The Roundabout has missed a trick: “Love, Love, Love” really should have opened on Broadway, and I trust it will transfer there once a theater is free. Yes, it’s gloriously funny, but it’s also an important play, one whose harsh message deserves to be heard far more widely. Regional theaters, take note!

The RA_Centrals Meet in NY, or North and South

More, please.

October 10 Convo w. Forbes and #RichardArmitage – Live Stream

SAG-AFTRA BS Q & A – Thoughts

More disagreement re : moral compass and other issues, between Leland Orser and Michelle Forbes. D they mean their characters, or themselves? Not so clear.

Richard Armitage – cute answer ( tone of voice) on whether Daniel Miller had really been an analyst behind a desk for 10 years.

Talk about Berlin – Richard Armitage remembered that he’d been in Berlin for one of the Hobbit Premieres – like we could ever forget?


Credit: GuyltyPleasure

Richard Armitage cops to musical theater background – now knows he didn’t have the knees or ankles ( not sure I heard this before). Said he shut it down, but it paid for him to go to drama school. Very aggressively knocks it.

Michelle Forbes played a schizo psychologist from Venezuela on a soap opera.