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Wow, I am loving how he looks in this photo.

Fun Art – Now We Need Fan Art

Have you heard of adult coloring yet? There’s been plenty of buzz about the therapeutic benefits of the activity all over the web, and Amazon and other vendors are selling books on line. In addition, you can actually download prints from the web for free or paint right on line.

Yesterday, my Synagogue Social Committee held an event Color me Mellow.  The prints we used are the artistic creations of Diane Pearl, who I’ve mentioned here before. Diane donated not only prints, but also a wide and luscious variety of art supplies, including pencils, markers, gel pens, and the like.

I wasn’t that keen on the project, thinking that men might not want to participate – but boy was I wrong. Everyone who attended sat down and completed at least one painting.


Above, is an incomplete work by one of our guests – a guy, using markers.

coloring 3IMG_7770
This is a more delicate version ( most of the prints have a decidedly art nouveau flavor)

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 10.00.08 AM

Some folks, just won’t stay in the lines. The artist above, used water for blending techniques, which is a great idea, and also makes it possible to mix colors with some of the pencils.

What about me? Well, ( and BTW, there IS a Richard Armitage connection here.)

I got into the activity with no problem at all. I love playing with colors, and sitting there with a bunch of colors, Frank Sinatra in the background and some good white wine at hand and other mellow inducing stuff,  I set myself to producing a design with a very specific color palate with the idea of using it in the living room. Let me confess that by the end of two hours, I had only completed about the 10% of the print – the top left gray and orange thingies.IMG_20151030_101506

I had to finish it at home.

This activity was so relaxing and endorphin producing, that  yesterday, I started another one, this time in color combinations that are a little less Southwestern or Mexican looking ( help, I need more supplies, more colors, more different media! I am totally hooked. You can do this in bed and there’s no mess). I got so carried away that I actually decided to skip a charity event for which I had a ticket.


Eventually, I did some research on the net. I’d noticed on Twitter that adult coloring was being touted. And I found this:

Fan artists – pay heed. We need Richard Armitage coloring pages. The best images will include lots of smaller areas so we can use plenty of colors ( note Jon Hamm’s ugly, but detailed ski sweater). Thorin Oakenshield and Francis Dolarhyde/The Great Red Dragon could be perfect – and I promise,  if someone can create an interesting Lucas North, with some fun designs in it I’ll be the first to download.


Pleeeease !