Happy Thanksgiving, 2016

It was Abraham Lincoln who proclaimed Thanksgiving as a national holiday in 1863. It was in the midst of a civil war between Americans.  That bit of history affects me this year. Like a small prick.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Shanah Tovah to all who Observe

OT: SO Excited!

Dear ,

An electronic ballot has been made available to you for the November 8 2016General Election by your local board of elections. You will need to go to New York’s SecureBallot web site at https://ny.secureballotusa.com/ in order to download your ballot.

If you have not recently created an account on the SecureBallot site, you will need to go through the “First Time Access” process on the site in order to gain access to the electronic ballot delivery system.

Information on marking and returning your ballot is included inside the downloadable file available through the SecureBallot web site.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact your local county board of elections using the contact information below.

New York County Board of Elections
200 Varick Street, 10th floor
New York, NY  10014
(212) 886-2100


Richard Armitage Promotes SimianSmile

At least he’s smirking, but how did Armitage get stuck with the name-specific sign? And,  is  We are Ponzo a riff on Je suis Charly? 

Don’t get me wrong, Perry is a meat eating, leather loving, fur-wearing, but also animal loving, hmmm… hypocrite, I guess – and proud of it. She has always given more $$$ per annum to animal causes than people causes. She wants to free all Willys, save rhinos and tigers and monarch butterflies and stop cruelty to dogs, cats and horses ( and mules and all animal testing, if practical).

She also thinks the chimps should be supported in their old age ( though the underlying article seems wrong – suggesting that NYBC, a not for profit corporation, made millions off their research on Chimps – see, because not for profit means – well – no profit, more or less. This type of misstatement bugs me no matter which side I’m on. It also bugs me that to support their argument to Save the Chimps, the organization relies on the stress, anxiety and death some chimps endured as a result of civil war in Liberia.

It sounds a little like what some Syrians are going through now.

So Richard Armitage, what’s it to be? Chimps or Refugee/Immigrant Children? Or both or all?

RA fans are already hysterically signal boosting to  get the save the chimps petition signed and to help raise funds. Save the lemmings.


Easter Eggs in Basket

To all celebrants. My Jewish mother never met a Christian festival/ holiday she didn’t love, so we did dye Easter eggs, I was given a chocolate bunny, or sometimes a popcorn one, and I often had an Easter bonnet, worn to visit non-Jewish friends of my parents, though it took many years before I learned there wasn’t actually a “real” Easter parade on Fifth Avenue.

Now, I don’t celebrate Easter, except in so far as it involves a meal. This year, after a regional theater production of a very Jewish play (Other Desert Cities) it will be, not a brunch, but a chance to enjoy what amounts to  Thanksgiving Dinner ( my fave).

What are your family traditions for Easter?