Pithy New Den of Geek #RichardArmitage Interview


Lots of new take-aways from this interview.

While the interview was a promo for Dr. Jekel and Mr. Hyde, the conversation touched a number of subjects and projects.

Of interest to me was the hint that Richard Armitage might have a substantial role in promoting Ocean’s 8 along with the all star female cast.It was also good to hear ( even if not completely true) that he has learned to enjoy the promotional aspects of a big film.


 I worked on Ocean’s 8 at the beginning of this year, which will be premiering in June next year, so I’ll be back in that cycle of a big movie junket. It’s interesting because you put as much effort in to working a film, as you do making a film and I used to really dislike that side of it, but I actually love it now, because the time when you actually get out and come face to face with the fans – sometimes with independent movies they go to festivals and they get a limited release and you don’t always get to sort of meet people and talk about the project as much, so in that respect I could talk about The Hobbit for the rest of my life because I had such a good time doing it.

Also, it looks as if Macbeth with Yaël Farber is no longer a consideration because of the swell of Macbeth productions, so, good news ( I think) they are back to considering something based on an ancient Greek play. While working with Farber again seems like a definite plan, details seem vague and unformed as yet.

Also the news that he was seriously up for a role in Peter Jackson’s  production of Mortal Engines.

  I was  very close to working with Peter Jackson and Philippa Boyens and Fran Walsh this year on Christian Rivers’ latest movie (Mortal Engines), but I couldn’t quite make it work, because of Berlin Station, but I know that I’ll work with them again in the future and I’ll be back in New Zealand at some point, so The Hobbit has left such a legacy with me, that it’s sort of a little beating heart that I’ll always be grateful for.

Unfortunately ( very) Berlin Station got in the way.

It seems like his Bridget Cleary project is still just a future dream. He also says he’ll be filming in Moscow, though I couldn’t figure out which project to which this referred.

I also wonder whether another Mike Bartlett piece might be in the works. By all accounts, it seems to me that the two have developed a friendship and they have the success of Love,Love,Love to ground them.

Remember Bridget Cleary? #RichardArmitage

Richard Armitage hasn’t forgotten. I’m guessing, when he said “films like these” that he was referring to small, independent, Irish films, and not super violent ones. From what we’ve heard, Bridget Cleary is both. See here

Bridget Cleary: Looks Like They Have Everything But the Film

A little info here from Me and Richard

Why does the reference to ITunes  and Imovie intrigue me? Good music? A streaming site? Hmmm.


Looks Like Berlin Station Will Make It to Europe

But when?  Thanks to @Crissyinwm for the link, here.

This is the specific quote about Berlin Station. 

A bit of romance, “which seems to have completely disappeared from TV,” would be nice, said Stewart of Italy’s Mediaset. “And just how many films can we make into series, digging out old stories and franchises?” she asked, citing Lethal Weapon, Frequency and Training Day, all from Warner Bros; Emerald City and Taken from ABC and The Exorcist from Fox.

That said, she called Training Day one of her “personal possible favorites” among pilot hopefuls, along with Eyewitness (ABC), APB (Fox), Zoobiquity (Fox), The Shooter (Paramount), Berlin Station (Paramount). She’s curious to see Drew (CBS), Riverdale (WB) and Dream Team (WB).

Mediaset is an international corporation that acquires TV rights for output ( i.e. broadcast) on free TV channels in various foreign countries, including Italy and Spain. The quote above is about the Italian Mediaset director of acquisitions, and her sense that she’s going to like Berlin Station. (Also good news, that Berlin Station is among those shows being pitched, as is Epix’s other new original series, Graves).

I’m guessing that when she sees the pilot for Berlin Station, she’s going to want to acquire it. I’m also guessing that other foreign outlets will feel the same.

The not such great news for some fans, is that there is a preference for dubbing, over subtitles.

Now, if I can only find out if there are some folks from Mexico at the upfronts. I assume so. We’ve been getting, in almost real time, The Night Manager, Fear the Walking Dead, The Good Wife, and many others – mainly on AMC, A & E, and TNT.

However, it is also true that often, these series are shown a few weeks or months after they air in the U.S.



Bridget Cleary ( with Richard Armitage) Scheduled to Shoot Next Year

BridgetScreen Shot 2016-04-04 at 8.38.23 AM

So – what’s Richard Armitage going to be doing for a year?

Thanks to my friend Micra for the tip.

Bridget Cleary ( w/Richard Armitage) is Alive and Well


The film is scheduled for shooting in 2016, and co-stars Romola Garai. Romola Garai has appeared in a number of Shakespeare’s works on film, as well as in popular films, such as Suffragette, Atonement , Amazing Grace  and Dirt Dancing: Havana Nights (oh well), and in numerous TV miniseries, including The Hour.

Thanks to Guillermina Rivas and Micra for this info.

New Projects: Who was Bridget Cleary?

Some information can be found here (with audio podcast)

A grisly story about the torture and murder of Bridget Cleary in Tipperary in 1895, whose husband believed her to be a witch or possessed by the fairies. (First broadcast 1995)

Part if a documentary here

and here