After BS 3.8, this feels good #RichardArmitage

So, it was a Richard Armitage filled weekend for fans, with the premiere of The Lodge at Sundance, and enough press shots and interviews to satisfy – including some good reviews. Still, there are fans like me who are not going out of their way to see a horror/thriller film such as this – which is supposed to scare the crap out of you, and has a reportedly only 20 minutes of Armitage  screen time. OTOH, I felt good this morning learning that the film has already sold and has distribution rights. There were a  fair number of industry and  Armitage tweets and retweets picking up that news.

But the real boost came with the announcement that Richard Armitage is going to STAR in The Stranger, a Harlan Coben based limited series for Netflix UK. This news was trumpeted by so many entertainment media sites on social media – it’s a blitz, and it felt great. This felt especially great, the full article has 51 shows to look forward to, and  The Stranger is not listed first – but the photo appearing first, was this one: 
Believe you me, after last night’s Berlin Station,  episode, SOME SPOILERS SPOILERS coming now – stop reading if you want to wait:   after the whole Miller/Frost confrontation and Daniel with dead open eyes, killed by, of all characters, feckless Steven Frost, I wanted to pull my hair out. I’m still finding a way to believe that Steven Frost is not Diver, or if he was, he didn’t kill Daniel’s mother, but I’m not looking for a way to manipulate that Daniel Miller lives. He’s gotta be dead by now. Please be dead by now, Daniel. If they bring him to life again, after Season 1, getting shot in the back, and Season 3 getting shot in the front, I don’t think I’ll have even a reserve more of outrage left. Meanwhile, join the discussion at Me and Richard to express opinions on the episode. I’ll be chiming in there as well to bitch about the indignity of anybody  being killed by modern day Steven Frost, let alone Daniel Miller falling for the oldest trick in the book. He hasn’t really been a great spy.

The Lodge Review – What’s With These Spoilers?

Makes one think the only thing for Richard Armitage fans  is to see the first 20 minutes of the film to watch Armitage and the last 20 minutes to find out the twist.


“The Lodge”

ooooooh. Not for me, though from what I’m reading, this sounds like a pretty good film for its genre.

Screen Zealots



Those expecting a straightforward horror movie may be disappointed in “The Lodge,” a deliberately paced thriller that delivers more sinister feels than actual scares. This nightmare-inducing film is as unsettling as they come, a wildly unpredictable story that goes all sorts of places — and not necessarily to the ones you think.

Siblings Aidan (Jaeden Lieberher) and Mia (Lia McHugh) hold deep resentment for their newly separated dad Richard’s (Richard Armitage) new girlfriend, Grace (Riley Keough). After rejecting multiple attempts to bond with their soon-to-be stepmom, Richard insists the four head up to the family’s cabin for the holidays. After he gets called back to work, the kids are left for several days in the remote house during a crippling winter storm. While trapped together, a series of strange events unearth Grace’s psychological demons that stem from her strict…

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Today’s New York Times on Berlin Station

Here  Richard Armitage not named. Not much described except location, compared to more detail on another series discussed – Counterpart

I felt compelled.