Short Spoiler for Berlin Station S.3 Finale

The Rolling Stones said it best:

You can’t always get what you want.


I can’t get no satisfaction.


Forget the White T-Shirt gang and a season full of spoilers. The writers have shown nothing but disdain for their fans. What a ridiculous ending. Keeping in mind and thinking back to Season 1,  Daniel Miller only worked under Steven Frost for less than a year. They hardly knew one another. Valerie, what were you thinking?

2 thoughts on “Short Spoiler for Berlin Station S.3 Finale

  1. Have you seen the anger on twitter!
    I would be suprised if they get another season. I’ve said before, I reckon RA pulled out so they bumped him off quickly and unpleasantly because he’s the big name and that’s why Leland has been working so hard to get SM presence known to show to the network it can work without RA.

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