The Lodge Review – What’s With These Spoilers?

Makes one think the only thing for Richard Armitage fans  is to see the first 20 minutes of the film to watch Armitage and the last 20 minutes to find out the twist.


12 thoughts on “The Lodge Review – What’s With These Spoilers?

  1. Oooh, ouch, ouch… This review really does burn. (Makes me wonder why the tweets were all so favourable then.) Anyway, also slightly miffed at details about Richard’s character (no details here in order to avoid spoilers). Anyway, this review has been most helpful, though, Perry. Knowing more about the film means I can make an informed decision on whether I am going to watch it or not. It looks like the latter.


  2. Oh boy… that review really does have spoilers galore! I stopped reading right away. (I know… you did warn us.) enough of the other reviews have been really positive, though, so I’d still like to see it.


  3. I won’t go out of my way to see it, and if I have the opportunity, I won’t watch past the time Richard ( father) leaves the family. I’ve crossed my genre boundaries for Richard Armitage, but this is one film I just don’t want to see in full. I don’t think being scared out of my wits is entertainment. But I agree, other reviews and viewer’s comments make it seem like this will be a hit for people who like the genre. As to the spoilers – what were they thinking? I guess one incident happens very early on, but still, it’s a corker. All I can say is at least Richard Armitage got to spend some time in Montreal and Sundance, where he could get some skiing in and enjoy new cities. He was like a fifth wheel at every interview and talk session. I think people who like this stuff and see this film will remember it – but I doubt many of them will remember who played the 20 minute father.

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  4. Not so much a review rather a Wikipedia entry. Gives away the whole plot -not that it bothers me tbh. It’s pretty much made me decide to probably not bother unless some of my Armi-chums tell me it’s brilliant after they see it. The review gives me the impression it’s a pretty grim film.

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  5. Guylty’s not the only one miffed at the details of Richard’s character. If I needed any vindication for my not wanting to see the movie in its entirety, this review is it. For twenty minutes worth of screen time, I really hope that the Sundance Festival exposure (which doesn’t amount to much time either) creates further career opportunities for Richard.


  6. His character is despicable. Don’t want to say more because of Spoilers, but really flawed. I try to figure out what what he was thinking when he took this role – not because of the odious character, but rather the small amount of screen time and the fact that his character doesn’t seem to appear in all the parts of the film that the positive reviewers are crowing about.

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    • This might be why he said what he said in the one interview in which he spoke, he didn’t see the script, he joked saying it could have contained full frontal nudity!

      I wish he would stop and read a script……….I have fears for’ My Zoe’ because Julie Delphy made a ‘crack’ that others hadn’t wanted the role!

      He certainly doesn’t want to get a reputation that he will take ‘stuff’ that other actors won’t, my fear about Ocean’s 8 was, once Damian Lewis read the script, he was ‘too busy’, because it was so ‘underwritten’.


  7. I think Lewis had a London stage gig that may have prevented him from taking the role in Ocean’s 8. I didn’t see anything about Julie Delpy being unable to get the RA role cast. Interesting. I feel we can relax a little now, knowing about the Netflix series. It appears he is definitely the star, the creds of the production team are good and we’ll all get to see it. If he is in The Seville Communion, that’s also a starring role, so let’s hope. I was underwhelmed by the book and think they will have to do major adaptation to make an interesting film. I have a lot of criticism about the book, which doesn’t seem to know what kind of story it wants to be. Not a very compelling murder mystery. Not that much about inner workings of the Vatican and not much action, and almost comic in parts.


    • Parts of the book were almost slapstick comedy, the three people hired by the banker to keep an eye on the main characters and the incident with the petrol was hilarious.
      I would have liked more of the backstory to Quark, he was a complex character, the sort RA enjoys.
      I looked to see if the author did a follow up but drew a blank, I hoped Quart didn’t spend too long in exile.


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